Fitness Friday: My 1st Mother's Day Gift + S'more Love


Workout Wrap UpSaturday: Xtend Barre (with ankle weights - such a great addition for any Barre workout!)

Sunday: 6 mile walk

Monday: REST

Tuesday: Prenatal Physique + 3 mile walk

Wednesday: REST

Thursday: 4 miles (ran 2, walked 2)

Friday: Tracey Mallet's F.I.T. + walk/hike

I've had another great week riding the second trimester high! My energy has been good and I haven't been eating too much junk. I always feel so much better when I'm getting outside regularly, eating well, and sleeping enough. It's such a no brainer but sometimes life can make me get out of whack and I have to get back into the good cycle again!

As I mentioned in my post Monday I had a mini pity party when I wanted to go for a run Sunday and ended up making it about 50 feet before I gave up due to stomach pains. I tried to run again on Thursday and managed 2 miles! I ran the first mile without stopping, which hasn't happened in probably 6 weeks, and the second mile I ran in 1/2 mile intervals. I had to stop and sit in some shade after to let my HR and body temperature come down (it's in the 90's here this week.) I decided to just walk the rest of the time.


Tuesday night I went on a walk at dusk. I normally go early in the mornings and see all the cute woodland creatures; chipmunks, woodpeckers, etc. I was in the woods almost to the point where it was totally dark out and it was a whole different experience! I saw my first snake out there in a small river. Of course I had just commented to Travis that we never see snakes on post a few days prior. I also saw tons of lightning bugs which made me grin like a little kid (we don't have any in Florida.) I also saw an armadillo. He gave ZERO cares that I was there. I expected him to be skiddish and run off but nope. Guess that's why we see them all the time on the side of the road here. You can see armadillo butt in the center of the photo below: Aweek5I've spent a few nights out back watching the sunset. Working from home can feel suffocating so I try to get outside to run/walk/hike a few mornings a week, and if I workout at home that day then I'll try to do something outside after dinner. Hard to beat a perfect summer breeze, cold glass of lemon pierrer, and a beautiful sunset! 

Aweek9Something else that's fabulous? S'mores frapp from Starbucks (that's half off during happy hour this week!) Travis wanted some coffee while we were at Target and saw this new drink on the menu. It was divine. He actually went back and got the Caramel Swirl frapp after this. I had a few sips of each and baby was kicking up a storm the rest of the day! I never have caffeine so I think the kid just didn't know what to do with himself.  Aweek11

Finally, Travis came home Thursday with this gorgeous mini Azalea bush for me! As well as two boxes of chocolate. "I had to get two they were buy one get one." We both know he just wanted more so he could have some. He said he got me this plant in hopes that I wouldn't kill it as quickly as I did the roses he got me for Valentines Day (as if that was my fault.) They are definitely the prettiest flowers anyone has ever gotten me, and I love that the bloom is supposed to last for weeks!IMG_8691This weekend my parents are driving up to hang out for Mother's Day. We are going to go to the museum on post and a few antique stores in Dothan. I'm sure a trip to get frozen  yogurt will be in there somewhere!

What are you doing this weekend?

When is the last time you watched the sunset?