Fitness Friday: New Gym, New Nails + New Cat Photos

Workout Wrap UpSaturday: 7 mile hike

Sunday: 4 mile run

Monday: REST

Tuesday: Bob Harper Pure Burn, Super Strength

Wednesday: 25 min walk + 20 min elliptical + 15 min legs

Thursday: REST

Friday: 5k run + Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30

Another gorgeous week here in Southern Alabama! I'm trying to workout outside as much as possible given it will be too hot to do so in about 2 months. On the weekends I usually aim for a long hike/run/walk, and would like to get back in the habit of going for a walk every afternoon during the week. Since I work from home (and now live 30 minutes away from the nearest major city) if I don't workout outside I don't get outside at all. Not good for the psyche!

I am loving the Bob Harper DVD I've been doing once a week lately. I've had it for years but recently rotated it back into regular use and it's such a killer routine. Lots of squats, lunges, and shoulder work which I love. I tried to keep the healthy high going by having a nutritious snack after.

Mar17BTotal fail. I love cottage cheese with pretzels (so much protein and so filling!) but the green juice I tried from Bolthouse Farms was hard to swallow. I'm going to have to use the rest in a smoothie with lots of fruit so it doesn't go to waste!

My other 'Look at me I'm so healthy!' meal this week was this salad + tofu combination I had for lunch and dinner a few times.

week1The salad was a premixed bag from Walmart with sliced almonds, wonton strips and sesame ginger dressing. SO GOOD. The tofu I just marinated in soy sauce and sauteed in sesame oil. Added some peas and brown rice on the side and BAM. Totally balanced it out by eating Arby's fries with Ranch dressing for dinner two nights this week (did you know they sell bags of them in the frozen food aisle? I didn't.)

Gratuitous selfie because I painted my nails again and they didn't look like complete shit. Also re-did the pink in my hair. I desperately need a cut and spent some time watching videos on how to cut your own hair. I think I'm going to try it after I pick up some new scissors. I'm only wanting to take an inch off so if I royally screw it up I'll pay the money to get it fixed, and 99.9% of people won't even be able to tell I took any length off still.

Week5FYI I love my teeth (since spending a small fortune on them to fixed after I lost a few in a bike accident) but I hate smiling because of the way it makes my face look. I've had numerous people tell me my smile always looks fake, which it does, so unless someone catches my smile spontaneously I rarely flash the pearly whites.

Here's a much cuter photo of Salem and Rudy. Mar17

I walked into husbands mancave this week and saw Salem posted up like this. Mar17C

So, on the post we are at now (and it's weird for me to say post since I grew up near an Air Force base so I'm used to calling it base) all of the neighborhoods have pools and gyms. There are 2 big gym's on base, but I haven't been to either since I prefer to workout at home. However, with the weather getting warmer I know it's going to be harder to do cardio so I decided to walk down to the gym in our neighborhood and check it out.

I can't believe I haven't done this before! First off - FREE CABLE! I don't miss cable at all but it is really cool that I can just go to the gym and walk on the treadmill for a while if I wanted to watch a show. This is just half of the gym. The other half had the ellipticals and treadmills.


They also had this little kids center attached to it so the parents on the treadmills and ellipticals could keep an eye on them through a giant window. Week4When I got there I was the only one there, and only 1 other person came in while I was getting ready to leave. The gym is right next door so I can't wait to go workout, shower (they had gorgeous showers there!) and jump straight into the pool once it opens Memorial Day.

The weather this weekend is supposed to be iffy, so I'm not sure what we'll able to do. The patio set we ordered just arrived so hopefully we'll have that set up and we can BBQ again this weekend. We are hoping to go camping next weekend so I'm looking forward to that!

What's on your weekend agenda? 

Got any good treadmill/elliptical workouts?