Fitness Friday: Okay, my legs are tired now

Workout Wrap Up  

Saturday: 8 miles (11:00)

Sunday: 8 miles (10:50)

Monday: 6 miles (10:30) + Jillian Michaels Six week 6 pack

Tuesday: 5x1k intervals (9:00 pace), total of 6 miles (9:35 avg pace)

Wednesday: REST

Thursday: 10 miles (10:20 avg pace, 6 miles at 10:00) + Jillian Michaels Six week 6 pack

Friday: 7 miles (11:00 pace) + Strength training

Total Miles: 45

Remember how last week I talked about how fresh my legs were feeling and how energetic I was 1 month into my marathon training?

I take it all back.

We had uncharacteristically cool weather last week so that really helped my runs. Now, we're back at 75 degrees an 90% humidity at 6 a.m.. The 10 mile run last Thursday felt like I was on top of the world (didn't have to stop once!) and my 10 miler yesterday felt like a death march. It was also much hillier then the course I ran before, but it was also hotter, and just hard to get into a groove on. I had to stop and walk a few times and that's always disheartening. I know I try to tell myself these paces will feel so much easier in a few weeks when the weather is better, but it still screws with my head since I'm supposed to be able to hold that tempo pace for 26.2 miles come race day!

At least I've been catching some gorgeous sunrises.

Fort Rucker

Fort Rucker1I received a Bia Sport watch in the mail this week to review and I'm excited to try it out!  It has an SOS feature so if I'm ever in trouble I can press one button and Travis & my Mom will get an alert to where I'm at. That's freaking awesome. Look for a full review in a few weeks after I have time to tryit out for a bit.


My diet this week has been .... pretty good. I've been better about getting veggies in me since I roasted up a huge bowl of cut veggies a few days ago. I'm still snacking way too much, and I'm still reaching for sugar & carbs more then I'd like to! However, looking back to how I was eating when I trained for my first marathon (ALL the foods) I'm doing better this time with eating appropriate portion sizes and usually making healthy choices.

I made French toast for the first time since high school. It was pretty good! Just whisked up some egg whites and milk and grilled the bread on a frying pan. There may have been a bit of cinnamon sugar drizzled on top. BreakfastUnder the category of not-so-great eats comes this monstrosity. I'm always grateful that Travis gets meat on his pizza because then I can't have any. I have nothing against it, but the mixture of tons of cheese+bread in my stomach is not a happy one. I did have a few pieces of garlic Parmesan bread sticks. And then a pint of Arctic Zero. DinnerA random photo from my impromptu photo shoot with Salem I forgot to share earlier. I love that guy. Salem2

The first week of my two week vacation from school has gone pretty well. I've been working anywhere from 2-6 hours a day still, but it's been nice to be able to relax and binge watch 7th Heaven all week (anyone remember that episode where Lucy had cornrows? Classic.) I had a mini-crisis with my online class yesterday that made me want to pull all of my hair out, but instead I ate a bunch of blue diamond almonds and told Travis we had to go to Publix when he got off work so I could get sushi and more ice cream. Therapy.

This weekend I've got 6 and 12 miles on the agenda. The 12 mile run on Sunday is supposed to be at a 10:30 pace which I'm a little frightened by. I'm also going to try to not walk much (or at all) since I need to start treating all of my long runs as though it's actually race day. Wish me luck!

What are your plans this weekend? What's the first food item you think of eating when you're stressed?