Fitness Friday: Progress + a Sick Kitty

Workout Wrap UpSaturday: Rest

Sunday: 5 mile run

Monday: Ripped in 30

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism

Thursday: Rest

Friday: 6 mile run or hike

Considering I only worked out once last week this week was a massive success. The only thing I was disappointed by was not being able to workout on Thursday. I was planning to go for a run, but it was too cold out in the morning. I don't even want to say how 'cold' it was because everyone will laugh at me and tell me to man up. I figured it would warm up by 1 or 2 p..m. but the wind chill was still in the high 30's so I just said 'screw it.' I could have worked out at home but by the time I realized running was not going to happen I was just meh.

My eats this week have been pretty healthy except for a mid-week trip to Moes. I always get their nachos and they aren't the best in the world but it's really hard to go wrong with carbs + cheese.

Friday4I've been munching on the veggie packed pasta I made last weekend for dinners this week and throwing together a random snack plate for lunch (usually some variation of cottage cheese with pineapple, nuts, Annies snickerdoodle bunnies and peanut butter.) Travis came home from Walmart with some new Arctic Zero to try. I didn't love the flavor but he thought it was one of their best.

Friday5Poor Salem has some open wounds on his neck. One's the biggest I've ever seen, about the size of a dime. It's already healing up nicely and I think it's some sort of food allergy. I've noticed he's been scratching at his neck more this week so I think it's the flavor of canned food we fed him. He gets 1/6th of a can every morning so we can put his medicine in it, and so every 6 days we rotate to a new flavor. This has happened a few times before so I need to start writing down which flavors trigger it. Luckily brother Rudy has been looking after him. Friday3 My husband texted me this picture from his mancave the other night. I about died. Friday1I splurged on two new books this week. I'm a total fangirl over crappy mystery series. I've read all of Bailey Cates Lightfoot series and couldn't wait for the next one to come out in July so I thought I'd try out a new author. Heather Blake has 2 series so I picked up the first in both. So far I'm not loving them nearly as much as the Lightfoot series.  I think I like Lightfoot more because the main character is my age, a runner, owns a bakery (I love to bake!) and lives in Savannah, Georgia. I started reading the books after I got back from Savannah for Fitbloggin last year and geeked out when they talked about places that I visited. friday

This weekend I have a few craft projects I'm hoping to get started on and will likely watch all of House of Cards Season 3. I didn't love Season 2 as much as the first so I'm really hoping this season is better. I'm also hoping to get a long run in which, at this point, means about 8 miles. The highs next week are almost 80 so I won't be able to use cold weather as an excuse anymore!

What are your weekend plans? Favorite book series?