Fitness Friday: Running Again & Salem's Greatest Photo

Workout Wrap Up

Saturday: 8 miles (10:55 pace)

Sunday: 30 minutes on elliptical & 12 miles on bike

Monday: Tracey Mallet's F.I.T.

Tuesday: 3.1 miles on elliptical & 10 miles on bike

Wednesday: REST

Thursday: 5 miles (10:30 pace)

Friday: Bob Harper Pure  Burn Super Strength + Walk

I've said it before and I'll say it at least 10 more times; not running is the hardest thing I've ever had to do as a runner. My lower right calf has been sore since May 21st, and it took a week more of running on it for me to realize that was the exact opposite of what I needed to do to recover. So, after my 8 mile run on Saturday I promised myself I wouldn't run until after it was pain free. It never hurt that bad, and the tightness/mild pain would come and go (never stay), so I'm thankful it wasn't anything more serious. I replaced running with the elliptical & stationary bike at the gym. So not the same.

On Tuesday I decided to do my version of a non-running half marathon. And take an awkwardly placed selfie in front of the toilets in the locker room.

2014-06-03 09.42.29I was able to run a few miles yesterday! The only other time I've been as happy to run 5 miles was the first time I ever hit that distance. I had zero pain throughout the run, and just a tiny tightness in the area when I got back. Going to keep up my icing, compression socks basically 24/7, and trigger point. I'm taking today off from running again and will aim for a slow LR tomorrow.

2014-06-05 06.52.02

When it comes time for me to do these Friday wrap-up posts looking back over the week I usually upload all my camera's photos, pick out the one's I like best, and attempt to write some sort of cohesive summary. I was pretty surprised when I saw how few photos I took over the last few days! To be honest I've been in a bit of a funk this week. Running makes me feel amazing, and not being able to do that, and get outside and enjoy the fresh air and sun, made me a grumpy bunny. Whenever I'm injured I realize how much I rely on running and how much my life would change if I wasn't able to do it anymore. To help keep me from going crazy I've been on this huge learning kick. I've watched about 15 hours worth of documentaries in the last week, memorized the 2014 calendar, memorized almost all of the countries, and have spent at least an hour a day studying French.

See, I can diversify my interests.

I also snapped the greatest photos Salem will ever take.

2014-05-31 14.57.52

2014-05-31 14.59.26

I love that guy. I took this at a stop light on my way to class Monday. They had their first exam so I dressed more casual than I normally do.

2014-06-02 09.12.06This afternoon I am getting a much needed haircut and will be going out in search of a cute new dress. Something I can wear to work & to present in at Fitbloggin! I can't believe it's less than three weeks away now. I'm so excited to see some of my favorite people and to explore gorgeous Savannah.

What are your plans this weekend?

How do you think you'd handle not being able to do your favorite activity for a week?