Fitness Friday + Salem Has a Birthday!


Workout Wrap Up

Saturday: 5k walk

Sunday: rest

Monday: 20 minutes strength training + 20 minutes elliptical

Tuesday: rest

Wednesday: rest

Thursday: Xtend Barre

Friday: Treadmill/Elliptical + Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30

Workouts are quickly becoming less appealing and more challenging. I keep telling myself just walking around should now count as strength training since I have an extra 30 pounds on me! Every time I sit down, or get up, I feel like I'm doing weighted squats. I took an extra day off early in the week as I was just not feeling right. I was tired, I felt weak, and my mood was just 'bleh.'

Thankfully, I did a light barre workout on Thursday and I immediately felt better than I had all week. There's such a fine line between taking rest because I need it, and pushing myself to do some light physical activity because I always feel great after. I snapped this at the gym on Monday when I was officially 33 weeks. When I sent it to my Mom she said, "my back hurts just looking at it."


So - I realized something horrible on Sunday. I forgot Salems birthday.


This coming from the girl who has actually thrown him a party before, complete with tuna birthday cake, fish streamers, and presents. I'm going to blame this momentary lapse in sanity on baby brain. Since we are trying to keep spending to a minimum I kept the celebration low key this year and just bought him a new cat scratcher. BWeek1

His old one was in pitiful shape. He uses it multiple times a day, as do the other two cats even though they are declawed. As much as he loves it I hate how much of a mess it makes! As you can see in the photo below of the boys getting ready to fight over it there are bits of cardboard all over the place. It drives me nuts. IMG_9478

The scratcher always comes with a little bag of catnip, so I rub some into it before putting it down. Salem is high as hell here. IMG_9484

As they were scratching away I snapped the best photo of Rudy. Travis has no idea when his two were born so we decided to just say they all share the same birthday, July 18th, which means this old man is 15 now! Smokey and Salem are 9. IMG_9488

On Tuesday I had an appointment to get a physical done. It's required as part of our 'overseas' move (Alaska is considered an overseas assignment.) I made an APPOINTMENT so I was surprised when they brought me back into the exam room and I waited FORTY-FIVE minutes for the Doctor to come in. Plus, I heard a woman get put into the room next door to me about 10 minutes after I came in, and he went in and saw her first!

I felt legit pregnancy rage coming over me. I kept looking at the clock, debating on just walking out, but I knew we needed to have this done asap. I consoled myself by putting together our Pack-N-Play when I got home. Travis's mom bought it for us about a month ago and I've been dying to put it together ever since! It's the only thing we are really using for babe until we get to Alaska. All of his newborn-3 month clothes are on the bottom shelves, and there's a little bed for him up top next to a changing pad. BWeek

I swung by the post library to pick up some finance books to read this week. I finished them all in a few days (a lot of the material was repetitive) and I'm all fired up to save as much as we can for our retirement and babe's college fund. I had two retirement accounts from the schools I used to teach at that I rolled into a Roth IRA at Vanguard last month. It's been fun researching what funds to put them in and I love checking in on them daily to see if they are up or down!

Originally, I didn't think we'd save much for the kids colleges. My parents helped my brother and I out with living expenses, but we were on our own for tuition so we both took our student loans. I was also hesitant on opening a 529 account for him since it has to be used to higher education expenses or there's steep penalty fees to pay. We could always use it to fund kid #2's college, save it for our grandkids, or I could use it to get my Phd at age 50! I did the math and even if we had to withdraw it for non-college expenses it wouldn't eat into any of the money we actually contributed, just some of the interest earned. So, one of my big financial goals for the next year is to save up $3k to start a 529 for him, and contribute $50 a month after that.

At an 8% return that would mean the $13,800 we will invest between now and his 18th birthday would turn into $34,458.

Compound interest is a beautiful thing! Bweek2This weekend Travis and I are going to try to get the house in shape before his Mom and Grandmother get here on Tuesday for his graduation week. I'm so excited to have them in town! I love his family, and I know we won't get to see much of them once we move to Alaska. We will be attending his family day on Wednesday where we get to tour the airfield and tower and see the helicopters, the military ball is that night, and his graduation is on Thursday. We are hoping to head to Destin to go to the beach on Friday and his Mom has requested we go to Chiptole there. I've never been before so I'm looking forward to it!

What are you up to this weekend?

What do you think about paying for kids college expenses? Should they be responsible for some of it themselves? Is it bad for parents to purposefully not save anything for it?