Fitness Friday: Selfie Edition

Workout Wrap UpMarch 21 Workouts rocked this week. I realized I'm a week out from my next race, the Blue Angels Rock N Fly, so I've been trying to stay on point with my running. I almost skipped my major strength training for the week on Wednesday because I got blood work done that morning but I was like "NAH, wo/man up and get 'er done." 2014-03-19 11.57.05Then, I activated beast mode again yesterday and set a 5k PR! I've had zero interest in improving my speed for the last two years as I really love the long slow run, but I feel the tides are changing and 5k's are calling my name. Sorry for the extremeness of my face in this photo. 2014-03-20 10.04.23

I think my favorite run for the week came Tuesday when I knocked out 8 miles at marathon pace and came across my dream house for sale. 2014-03-18 11.03.10

Isn't it gorgeous?! 2014-03-18 09.14.48-2It was converted into a school for a while so I came across these boxes of vintage textbooks while I was 'trespassing'. I had to fight the urge to take one to add to my collection! (Yes, I actually collect vintage textbooks.)2014-03-18 09.16.13Plus, the place has lions. 2014-03-18 10.46.02Maybe someday! That night I met up with a friend to go for a walk/run downtown. She's going to be doing the Tower of Terror 10 mile run with me in October so I'm going to help her train for that. She's already light years ahead of where I started when I decided to run 2 years ago.

We had to stop for a quick piano break. 2014-03-18 19.13.05Snapped this on the way to the clinic to get my blood drawn. I have hazel eyes and I think they turn greener when I'm stressed/anxious. I have the worlds worst record for blood work. So far I've found one woman who can always get it pain free on the first try but she's out with some injury for an indefinite period of time. The girl I had this week had to stick me twice which is about normal but the first time she seriously dug around in my arm for a while trying to hit the vein. Ugh. Then she switched to the baby needles which helped but they are so tiny it takes forever for the blood to come out. I had to get more drawn than usual because I am having my cholesterol checked in addition to my thyroid recheck. High cholesterol runs in the family so Mom finally guilted me into having it done. Damn adult responsibilities. 2014-03-19 08.07.49That night before class I swung by Target to pick up a few things for 'dinner'. I teach from 6-7:15 two nights a week and I'm never really hungry for dinner before class, but if I try to wait until I get home around 8 I'm famished. This little montage hit the spot!2014-03-19 15.48.09After Target I had to run into Publix for a few groceries and I had a wicked craving for a candy bar. I don't think I've had one in almost a year so I indulged. Side note: whenever I eat a candy bar I must have a soda as well. So, I grabbed my first soda for the year and got all hyped up on sugar before my class. Welcome to the '20' percent of my 80/20 diet mentality. 2014-03-19 17.05.52This weekend I'm going to a fancy schmancy fundraiser event with a friend. She scored tickets through her work and I needed heels to go with the dress I'm wearing. I'm rocking my senior prom dress and snagged these shoes for $4 at Goodwill. The event tickets were $125 a piece and I'm rocking a high school prom dress and used shoes. Waddup resourcefulness. 2014-03-20 10.17.22Random Salem shot of the week. Being a boss.2014-03-20 11.10.56I had to get a new iPhone after my other one crapped out and wasn't under warranty. I have the 5s now and I'm totally obsessed with taking photos of everything I possibly can. That entails a lot of selfies. This one turned out to be such a total glamour shot. 2014-03-16 17.47.43This one is a bit more realistic. Me, tired, killing time in my office on Pinterest when I should be working. 2014-03-17 15.03.30The weather has been back in the 70's this week so I'm hoping to hit the beach Saturday before the fundraising event. I've got 16-18 miles on the agenda for Saturday and grateful to have a friend running 8 of them with me. I woke up yesterday with an extremely sore/tight chest and throat so I'm hoping I feel better by Saturday morning. I swear I feel like I've been fighting off some sort of sickness since January. I know I should probably take a few days off from working out and just let my body rest up but I'm stubborn and kinda dumb sometimes. #Yolo?

What are you doing this weekend? Running friends, when is your next race?