Fitness Friday: Snowpacolypse Edition

Workout Wrap UpJan 30What an interesting week it has been! With Pensacola being stuck in the middle of Snowpacolypse I'm thrilled I was able to stick with my 3x a week running schedule. Tuesday's run was a bit gloomy (right before the storm came through) and extremely chilly but I busted out a few quick miles while sporting my favorite Ninja runner gear. 2014-01-28 09.39.49I amped up my strength workouts and did two of my most challenging one's on Monday and Wednesday. Real talk: I'm getting bored of working out at home. After 4 years it was bound to happen. I'm starting to look into local gyms that offer the best group fitness classes. So far I like the YMCA (but it's so old and hot) and Omni (pricey and requires a contract.) With all my grandiose travel wishes for this year it's hard for me to justify a gym membership, but staying active is a priority for me and I'm not sure what else I could do to reignite my workout mojo!2014-01-29 07.28.40Schools were closed Tues-Thurs this week so I only taught on Monday. #TeacherSelfie 2014-01-27 12.39.02Earlier in the week I received some new teas to try from Traditional Medicinals. I've been drinking their roasted dandelion tea for months now (and got my Mom hooked on it!) so I was excited to try their two new dandelion varieties. I love the taste of the roasted Dandelion tea and these two new one's were just as good. I'm also a fan of using dandelion as a natural aide in detoxing (it acts as a diuretic.) I haven't tried a tea yet from Traditional Medicinals that I didn't immediately love. I swear their Throat Coat is THE BEST thing you can possible due for yourself if you have a sore throat. It always makes my throat feel infinitely better immediately.

2014-01-30 16.25.04Tuesday afternoon I made it to Walmart for my contact lens appointment before the snowpacolypse hit. My vision has been pretty steady at a -4 for years (with the left eye being just a bit worse.) I was pleasantly surprised to see my prescription improved a bit! I technically tested at a -3.5 but the doc wanted me to go with -3.75. Apparently it's not unusual for vision to 'normalize' a bit after your 20's. 2014-01-28 10.43.14-1As for the weather itself. It sucked. At first I couldn't comprehend why our county declared a state of emergency and basically shut down for 3 days. I just couldn't believe a little bit of snow was worth all that. Then I realized that it was the ice that had everyone freaked out, and rightfully so. When I woke up Wednesday morning there was a 1-2" layer of ice covering almost every surface. I walked outside, and almost slipped and fell. I went out for a run 2 days later and immediately slipped. I got in my car to drive for the first time in 3 days and hydroplaned on the road within the first 2 minutes. Scary shit! All of the bridges were shut down, trains derailed off the track, cars got stuck all over town, 10,000 people lost power - it was crazy. I'm so glad I had power the whole time and aside from going a little stir crazy was able to get a lot of work done from home and enjoyed massive amount of netflix.2014-01-29 07.20.32I planned to go for a short, slow run on Thursday since I have the Double Bridge Run this weekend. When I got going it ended up feeling so great being outside that I did 6 miles and just under an 11 minute pace. I had to turn around on a couple of roads that were iced over still, but it was fun to see part of the snowpacolypse! 2014-01-30 11.59.47 2014-01-30 11.51.15As for the race Saturday I'm not sure how I'm going to approach it. I have a hot date that night with a lady friend so I don't want to be exhausted, but I also want to try to beat my time from last year. It's a 15k and I finished it in 1:37 (10:24 pace.) I think I could realistically run it at a fairly easy effort at 10:15 so that's what I'll likely try to stick with.

What are you doing this weekend?

Do you ever run a race for fun and not for time?