Fitness Friday: Speed Work and Vintage Selfies

Workout Wrap Up

Saturday: 10 miles (10:42 pace)

Sunday: Tracey Mallet's F.I.T.

Monday: (am) 5k (9:30) + Jillian Michaels Six Week Six Pack (pm) 5k (11:50)

Tuesday: 5 miles, 6x800 at 8:15 pace

Wednesday: rest

Thursday: 10 miles (10:32 pace)

Friday: 5k + Upper Body/Core

I don't know who's bright idea it was to use the summer to focus on speed work. The heat and humidity here are notorious for destroying pace times and I'm trying to improve mine? I'm still going to do my best, but it's only May and I'm already finding it difficult to do speed work that was relatively 'easy' for me a few months ago. I did manage to bust out some 800's on Tuesday, but I kind of hated my life when they were over.

2014-05-13 07.25.29Fortunately I had some amazing weather later on in the week. I'll never get tired of these views - so motivating! 2014-05-13 06.07.59We had freakishly cold weather yesterday so I decided to get my weekend long run done early. It was in the 50's when I woke up, and the high was only 72! I did one of the more challenging hilly loops and it was my first time since Nashville running hills. My legs are feeling it but I was still able to stick to a good pace. 2014-05-15 08.33.12The rest of my week was pretty uninspiring. Salem has been all up in my business, so I turned him into a desk. 2014-05-13 09.48.06-1My new classes are going great. You never know what the atmosphere of the classroom will be with a new set of students, but I'm absolutely loving the energy in my summer class. As much as I struggle with accepting the uncertainty as an adjunct I could never give it up. I feel so alive when I'm in front of a group of students!

I spent almost the entire day Thursday hanging out with a friend. I got to play tour guide and show him around Pensacola. We went out to the beach and I was finally able to check out a restaurant I've been wanting to to go for months - Wild Roots. It's an uber healthy salad/wrap place connected to a dessert/popsicle joint. The prices were pretty high, but the food was good. It's so hard finding healthy vegetarian places to eat I'm glad I have one more I can add to my list. 2014-05-15 13.45.41I stumbled across this old picture of me and can't get over how different I look. I was maybe 25, blonde, tan, and carrying an extra 20-30 pounds. I kind of miss being a blonde! When I shared it on twitter a few people pointed out I was taking selfies before smart phones. I don't know if that's awesome, or pathetic. 2014-05-14 19.45.42 (2)I'm not certain what I'll be doing this weekend. Since my long run is done I'll probably do a tempo run on Saturday. If the weather is nice I may try to go out to the beach for a few hours and work on these nasty runner's tan lines (seriously my feet are blindingly white and I have a super distinct tan line around my ankle!)

What are your plans for the weekend? What's the craziest hair color/style you've had?