Fitness Friday: Squats, Pancakes, and Boat Shoes


Workout Wrap UpSaturday: 5k + 50 squats

Sunday: rest

Monday: Prenatal Physique

Tuesday: rest

Wednesday: 5k + 50 Squats

Thursday: rest

Friday: 5k + 50 squats + upper body strength

I felt VERY inactive this week, but I guess working out every other day isn't too shabby for 37 weeks pregnant! I feel like it does take me a day to 'recover.' It's not that I'm sore, but it just seems that I'll have great energy one day, and zero energy the next. As labor day nears (I'm actually due on Labor Day so it's quite well named) I'm focusing more on walking and squats since they are supposed to help prep you for delivery.


My nutrition has been sub-par, as usual. I honestly can't remember the last real vegetable I had. I'm getting ready to steam a bunch of broccoli for Travis and I for dinner (to go with our Annies macaroni and cheese) but aside from that I think the little V8 fruit punch boxes may be the closest thing I've had in days. I've just been craving nothing but carbs and protein, and even then I feel like I'm eating less now than I was a few weeks ago. My appetite is very - meh.

I got a good video of the alien in my stomach this week:

I came home from the gym Tuesday and made Travis pancakes for breakfast. He then defiled them with 100 grams of sugar. Wednesday night we watched the documentary Fed Up and I think we are both committed to cutting WAY back on how much extra sugar we consume. I was working in bed Thursday morning and he came back and said, "I don't have anything to eat for breakfast!" I was confused since I knew we had tons of groceries in the house, but he explained he couldn't eat his usual eggs anymore because his ketchup had extra sugar in it. I couldn't believe he actually checked before eating it lol.


On Tuesday we were going to drive to Atlanta to drop my car off for shipping, me in my car and Travis in his to drive us home, when I realized the car registration I had was actually expired. My registration is current, but the piece of paper I had in my glove box was from 2012. I must have accidently thrown the current one out and kept this random old one! So, instead we had to drive to Florida to get a copy of my registration. Last week we saw the "Happy Cow" crossing sign, and this week we came across this lovely looking bar. Aweek7

On our way back into town we stopped by Michaels. I always freak when their Halloween stuff is out! Especially the Spooky Town collection (check out my massive Halloween decor collection.) Aweek6

Travis randomly decided to pick up some Perler beads and has been working with them almost non-stop. He's ridiculously crafty. He's made a Twin Peaks cross stitch for me, is making a felt helicopter mobile for the baby, and painted an adorable cat painting for me.Aweek2

Of course all of his designs have been 90's video game characters. He's turned a few into magnets for the fridge, and is going to paint a canvas and put some of the bigger characters on to make a 3D video game scene. I think he's greatly enjoying being done with flight school and having a month off before we move to Alaska!IMG_9743

I've been stalking the mailman all week hoping my latest purchase would arrive. Travis bought a pair of Sperry's with some of his graduation money last month, and I've been eyeing a pair for myself ever since. As I mentioned in my budget post Wednesday we each have a set amount of 'blow money' every month that we can spend on whatever we'd like. It's there to cover clothing, haircuts, video games, books, make-up for me, etc. We get $150 and the pair I wanted was $95. So, I decided to check eBay just to see what the selection was like. Ended up winning a pair that had only been worn 2x for $39 (including shipping!)

Travis picked up a knock off pair for baby boy, so now we'll be a boat shoe family (with no boat.)  IMG_9749

This weeks cat photos:IMG_9746


IMG_9754They are probably virtually identical to last weeks cat photos. I swear these cats don't move from their usual spots!

I was on Periscope last night talking about how I make money from blogging. If you haven't downloaded the app yet DO IT. I resisted for so long not wanting another social media account to keep up with, but I'm addicted. It's just people all over the world live streaming video of whatever they want. I watched a woman walk through central park, two French girls in Paris sitting at a table talking, and a few of my  blogging friends just hanging out and talking with people via the app. Here is a link to the broadcast. Periscope only keeps it for 24 hours and then it's gone for good! You don't need to download the app you can watch it on your PC.

This weekend we plan to do .... nothing. The usual packing/purging for the move (movers will be here in 25 days), grocery shopping, and maybe a trip to a paint your own pottery studio nearby that we've been talking about going to for ages. My due date is 17 days away and, as much as I'm over being pregnant, I cannot imagine having a freaking baby in less than three weeks.

Hold me.

What are you up to this weekend? What was the last craft you've gotten into?