Fitness Friday: I survived my first week of Yoga Teacher Training

Workout Wrap UpSaturday: 2 hours of yoga

Sunday: 1 hour of yoga in the AM + 1 hour slow flow class in the PM

Monday: 2-3 hours of yoga

Tuesday: AM 4 mile run + 1 hour of Yin yoga + 1.5 hours of yoga in the PM

Wednesday: 3 hours of yoga

Thursday: 1 hour slow flow class + 1 hour of assisting yoga

Friday: More yoga!

Y'all remember how often I did yoga before this week?

Probably not. Because it didn't really happen.

My main motivation for going to Yoga Teacher Training was to get myself into a regular practice (and also because the military paid for 90% of it.) As a runner I'm constantly told that yoga is essential to prevent injuries. Do I do it? Nope. It's the same with meditation. I know its amazing-life changing-awesomeoness, but I just can't get into the habit of doing it.

I am extremely grateful that this opportunity presented itself to me at such a perfect time. I'm not working a traditional job anymore, just freelancing online, so I have the time available to commit to a program from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. for 21 days. I'm not sure what doors will open for me after I become a yoga teacher, but I'm excited to see what this may do for my life. I've already made the most incredible friends who are all beautiful, loving, and kind people. I really look forward to seeing what they will do with this training in the future.

As great as it's been it hasn't been easy. My life was a whirlwind before I left for training and I've been thinking about nothing but yoga from virtually the moment I get up, to the moment I go to bed. I'm still working about 2 hours a day on writing assignments, and I'm still trying to run (which I clearly wasn't that successful at this week.)

But....the studio and surrounding area are just so damn pretty I really can't complain!

Yoga1This is the backyard of our studio where we often have lunch.Yoga2There are numerous gardens all over the grounds that are just so peaceful and calming to be in.

I made a new friend on the one run I was able to squeeze in before class this week!



I am sore. Sore in a way I haven't been in years and that's very different from typical muscle fatigue. I'm sore from stretching and elongating my muscles, and using a few smaller one's that I rarely activate. It's feels amazing. My posture has already improved so much and my breathing is much more deep and rhythmic.

I will write more on the experience when I'm done with the training, but please feel free to ask me anything you'd like! I'm being trained in the Baptiste method which is really resonating with me despite never taking a Baptiste class before. There's no music in the class, and the teachers come around while you are practicing and do all these incredible assists which basically feel like facilitated stretching/massage.

This weekend I'll have a bit of a break from training as my baby and I are headed to New Orleans! We are running the Rock-N-Roll marathon and SO excited. I absolutely adore that city ever since I had a local friend show me the best parts where I'm not getting touched by drunk tourists. Travis will be running the full and I'm switching to the half since the longest training run I was able to get in was 15 miles about 2 months ago. I think I'm actually going to walk a lot of it! Travis will be running for about 5 hours so I'll have a lot of time to kill, and it's going to be going through downtown New Orleans so how fun would it be just to take my time, take lots of photos, and just have fun?

What type of yoga do you enjoy?

What stereotypes of yoga practice/practitioners do you have?