Fitness Friday: T25 workouts + postpartum weight loss

This week I stuck to T25 workouts. I love how time effective they are. With a newborn I really don't have the time to do the hour long workouts I used to do, so I'm trying to go all out in the short amount of time I have.

Saturday: Speed 2.0

Sunday: Rip't Circuit

Monday: Core Cardio

Tuesday: Speed 2.0

Wednesday: Rip't Circuit

Thursday: REST

Friday: Jillian Michaels Six Week Six Pack (the BEST ab workout and only $6 now!)

I'm doing the Beta level workouts for T25 (the first level is Alpha.)  I started doing Alpha workouts a few weeks ago and wanted to step it up a notch. I'm still following the modifier for many of the moves mostly because the dynamic jumping moves hurt my chest from breastfeeding.

After I had my baby I wondered how I'd chronicle my postpartum recovery in terms of weight loss and fitness on the blog. I though I'd do something weekly, or at least monthly, but I haven't really done any updates. It's not that I don't want to, but there just hasn't been a lot of progress made to update about! I gained 37 pounds total, lost 20 pounds in two weeks postpartum, and .... didn't lose a pound for a month after that thanks to the 24/7 IV I had of chocolate and peanut butter at my parents house. I also was enjoying the hell out of mom's home cooking while I was there.

Since I've been in Alaska (about two weeks) I've lost 3 pounds. I'm working out less than I was in Florida since I can't run outside at all, but my diet is better. I'm not counting calories, but focusing on eating as many veggies as possible and limiting sugar. I'm not sure what my goal weight is. My lowest weight was 112 pounds, my pre-pregnancy weight was 120, and I'm currently 134. At this point if I hit 125 I'd be happy, but really that's such an arbitrary number to me. Aside from wanting to tone my stomach up I'm happy with how I look and feel now.

This week I made this incredible broccoli cheddar soup. With all the cream and cheese in it it's certainly not low calorie, but it's so delicious. soupThis was the view from our driveway this week. It's cold here. The high next weekend is -3.

Negative freakin' 3.

Winter in alaska

Travis had the last two weeks off so we tried to get out every day this week to explore Fairbanks. We checked out the mall. Locals call it the hall since it's only one line of shops. I took this photo from one end of the mall and you can see the other end. There's maybe ten stores and all of them are geared toward the younger crowd (Journey's, American Eagle, Aeropostale...)Fairbanks mall

I haven't shopped in any of those stores in years,  but aside from an Old Navy across town those are pretty much the only clothing stores here. I found this sweater at Aeropostale I had to get. Aeropostale ssweater

As well as some ridiculously comfortable fleece pants that I've basically been living in this week. Aeropostale fleece pants

Thursday was Travis's first day back at work. I tried putting the baby down for a nap at 9:30 but he just sat awake in his rock-n-play for a while. I was able to clean the whole house in about 30 minutes before he started fussing. I put him in the Bjorn to wear him around as I finished up and sat down to nurse him at 11. He ate for an hour (he's a marathoner nurser) and I sat him in his rock-n-play again to try and quickly grab lunch for myself.

When I came out of the kitchen two minutes later to check on him he was passed out. He stayed asleep for THREE HOURS. He hasn't napped like that in weeks. As I sat there with lunch made and a clean house I realized I had a chance to relax for the first time in ages. I scarfed down some Kraft macaroni and cheese and watched Gilmore Girls.

Life was perfect. This weekend we are going to try to get outside as much as possible, and maybe even go for a run!

What are you doing this weekend? What's the coldest temperature you'd run in?