Fitness Friday: This Baby Won't Budge

Workout8Saturday: 5k

Sunday: rest

Monday: 5k

Tuesday: 2 miles

Wednesday: (am) T25 Lower Body Focus (pm) 2 mile walk

Thursday: rest (if you can call packing/cleaning for 4 hours rest!)

Friday: Prenatal Physique

Whoever said walking helped induce labor was a damn liar. While I 'only' got in 10 miles this week I still did as much as I could, and baby just ain't budging. I even pulled out my T25 to do the lower body workout as it has a tons of lunges and squats in it that are supposed to help get baby ready. Nope. He ain't going nowhere.

T25 at 40 weeks

I also made the huge mistake of getting on the scale this week. Somehow I gained 4 lbs in the last week. I made it to 40 weeks with a total weight gain of 33.5 lbs but am now up to 37.5 gained AND I got my very first stretch marks. Great timing. They really aren't bad at all, but they itch like hell.

Aside from the sugar binge Tuesday night I've been eating pretty well. Usually a salad a day plus a protein fruit smoothie at night. I figured I should stop using the pregnancy excuse to eat junk food since it will just be that much harder to go back to eating healthy once babe is here. salad

Physically I still feel great. Emotionally I've been a stressed, anxious, wreck all week. I feel so bad for Travis as I know I haven't been very pleasant to be around. The only physical  issues I'm having is a bit of carpal tunnel still, and some horrible circulation. I crossed my legs on the couch while working on a cross stitch project for about 30 minutes and when I straightened them out I saw this. Straight up crater in my leg. I wanted to barf it looks so disgusting (which must be why I'm sharing it with all of internet land now.) That's where the heel of my left foot was resting. pregnancy leg

Last night I pulled out all my bags/boxes to get my clothes sorted out. The black bag is for the hospital this weekend (minimum 48 hour stay after baby is born), the red bag was supposed to be for my stuff in Florida (I ended up needing a bigger bag) and the plastic bin was for all the clothes going to Alaska (needed an additional box almost the same size.)

It was so much fun packing for three different occasions at once. Especially when I have no idea what size I'll be wearing for the 6 weeks I'm in Florida. packing

This is the pile that will be going with me to Florida on Monday. Everything against the wall is babe's stuff, and the camo bag has all of my clothes in it. I'm not even convinced we will be able to fit everything in the car my parents are bringing up  here (they are so sweet they actually rented an SUV to have more space.) In addition to this pile we will have 3 adults, 1 baby in a car seat, his jogging stroller, a giant cooler, and two more boxes of food/random stuff the movers won't move that we will be giving to my parents. Possibly a big fat black cat also.

Don't even ask how I plan to get this stuff to Alaska when we fly there.florida bags

I'm stressed. Here's a cute photo of Smokey. Smokey I'm still pretty bummed about getting induced on Saturday. I've spent every night in bed reading induction stories, and it can really go either way. I haven't given up my dreams of a pain medicine free birth, and I have read a few induction stories that ended up going very well. I think the fact I'll be almost 41 weeks, plus my OB's plan of using a foley bulb first before slowly starting pitocin, sets the stage for things to potentially go as well as I had hoped for with a natural birth.

Thank you to everyone who commented on the post Wednesday. I'll try to reply to everyone tomorrow! We have an appointment at 10 a.m. to get the cats health certificates and vaccinations done so they can cross into Canada. Then a pre-induction appointment at the hospital at 3 p.m., and an ultrasound appointment at my OB's at 4 p.m.. I'm so excited to see little man again! We haven't seen him since the 18 week anatomy scan. I'm almost afraid to find out how big he is. I have a feeling he's going to be a little chunker, with a giant head like his Daddy (seriously, his parents had to take him to a ton of specialists when he was born because his head size was so large. Nothing wrong with him - just a massive head.)

Please send me some positive baby vibes on Saturday! We go in at 5:30 a.m. and they said the induction should start at 6:30. I can only imagine what a nervous wreck I'll be. I'm sure I'll get zero sleep tonight.

I'm going to have a freaking baby this weekend.