Fitness Friday: This is what a postpartum belly looks like

As of today I am 12 days postpartum and still feeling ... pretty good. My stitches are irritating but I've stopped grimacing anytime I sit down or get up. Breastfeeding is still a little painful, but so much better than it was just a few days ago. Sleep deprivation is getting to me. Even though he sleeps for 7-8 hours a night, with an hour feeding break somewhere in there, I get really bad sleep when I'm constantly checking on him or hearing him move. In an attempt to feel somewhat like myself again I went on my first postpartum walk this week. I did 1.25 miles on Tuesday to see how it felt, and 1.5 miles Wednesday. I hadn't taken any pain meds for a few days but started feeling sore again Wednesday night so I did nothing but lounge around snuggling the baby yesterday. I bought some 8 lb weights to use at my parents house so if I'm feeling up to it I may do some upper body work tomorrow (nothing strenuous - just some bicep curls/shoulder stuff!)

I always try to be as realistic as possible on here, so I thought I'd share some postpartum photos I took of myself yesterday. These were at 11 days out. I'm down 21 of the 37 pounds I've gained so I have 16 pounds to go to be at pre-pregnancy weight. I'm much more focused on getting toned again and getting my strength back versus what the scale tells me. Postpartum belly2

As you can see from the front my stomach is definitely mushy still! I have a little bit of muscle control there, but it's minimal. The dark line down the center can last up to a year, and I did end up getting a few new stretch marks very low on my stomach in the days leading up to little mans arrival. My stomach has been so itchy this week! I'm using lots of lotion but I'll wake myself up in the middle of the night clawing at it. Postpartum belly3

This is Travis's last week here before leaving for Alaska so he's been trying to cuddle with the baby and the cats as much as possible.


We had to run out and buy some more newborn outfits as we didn't get many since everyone told us babies don't wear them for very long. Since he dropped down to 6.5 lbs after birth he will probably be in a newborn size for a few weeks still. During the day he's usually just in a onsie and socks, and at night I love putting him in long-sleeve onesies that zip up. They make it so easy to change him in the middle of the night, and keep him warm enough that a blanket isn't necessary.

We've left the house a few times to go on quick trips to Target or the grocery store while my parents watch him. The second I leave the house I can't wait to get back to him. I told Travis it feels like I'm leaving a part of my body behind. Like my arm or leg is missing. I always wondered if I'd be the kind of Mom who genuinely thinks her child is the most amazing, most beautiful, most perfect baby ever born. I have to admit when he was born I didn't feel it. I loved him, and it was an overwhelming experience, but I didn't start to fall in love with him until a few days later (I suspect the pitocin/epidural had a part to play in this as it interrupts the natural hormones that are associated with birth.)

Now? I'm 100% infatuated with him. Holding Moms HandThis weekend we will give the baby his first real bath so Travis can be there for that. We are planning on taking him for his first walk tomorrow in the Baby Bjorn (he loves that carrier!) and probably take a couple hundred photos of him and Travis together. Travis leaves on Sunday with our three cats and we won't be reunited for 27 days. Not that I've counted.

What are your plans this weekend?