Fitness Friday: The Most UnFit Week I've Had While Blogging

Workout Wrap UpSaturday: 5 miles alternating run/walk

Sunday: 4 mile walk

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: Booty Barre

Thursday: Still resting

Friday: walk/run 5 miles + Strength

So ... about that whole 'I love exercise!' thing. I still do, but I've just had zero desire to workout lately. I always thought I would feel gross and schlepy but I actually feel pretty dang good. I'm taking that as a sign my body just needs an extended break. Ever since starting this blog (nearly 3 years ago now!) I've been pretty hardcore about working out 5-6 days a week, usually a minimum of an hour. I couldn't fathom a time where I wouldn't want to workout, but that time has come. I'm sure I'll swing back into working out regularly again soon, but for the time being I'm enjoying doing a lot of nothing.

For example, yesterday I spent the entire day in my pajamas working on blog posts. We ordered pizza for dinner and I stuffed my face. It was glorious.

I've been sleeping in later than usual, reading more, and getting back into craft/DIY projects. I've made a few stops to Michaels this week and as soon as I finish up the projects I'm going to share on here. I used to have a shop on Etsy for a few years and actually did really well with my jewelry and home decor items! Mostly vulgar cross-stitch designs.

2015-01-09 10.08.31Put together this super simple bracelet that's already brought me lots of luck! IMG_8285Found an art project on Pinterest that I'm almost finished with. It's the first time my project actually looks just as good as the inspiration. I usually find these amazing tutorials, copy them perfectly, and still end up with something that looks like a kindergartner made. IMG_8293 The kitten babies are all getting along very well this week. Smokey and Rudy still tend to stick together leaving fatman Salem with me (which I love.) 2015-01-08 15.16.32


I'm mildly shocked that January is already halfway over. I'm glad I didn't set any big resolutions for 2015 because I'd already be way behind on them! Travis is starting to get more clarity on how much longer he has in flight school and we may be out of here in early August. I can't believe we will be moving in 8ish months and have no idea where to. I have a feeling many things will be happening this year that will force me to give up some of my control freakish ways.

What's the last craft/DIY project you worked on?

What big changes do you have coming this year?