Fitness Friday: Walking is Fun with an Extra 30 Pounds Stuck To You

Workout Wrap UpSaturday: rest

Sunday: My Total Body Strength Workout

Monday:  Hilly 5k walk

Tuesday: rest

Wednesday: 2 mile walk + 20 minutes on elliptical

Thursday: 2 mile walk

Friday: Prenatal Physique

It's sad how excited I am about logging 7 miles this week. I used to run that in a day! A part of me can't believe I ever ran long distances before. Running again post-pregnancy will feel like I'm starting all over, but I'm excited for the challenge. I was getting pretty burned out on it before, and my pace times reflected it. I hadn't improved at all in a year and just felt - meh - about running most days.

On Monday I headed out early for a walk. It was 68 out so I walked the furthest I had in almost a month. I felt like taking a new route, so I just kind of wandered around and ended up passing by some pretty gorgeous scenery.

Aweek2One of my projects this week was to get babe's newborn to 3 month clothing washed and ready to go. All other clothing sizes (we have a lot of 3-12 month already) are being packed up for our upcoming Alaska move. I just washed what I figured we'd use here for 6 weeks. Does this look like enough clothes for him? I really have no clue. It seems like more than enough, but I also know he'll likely go through a few outfits a day. I certainly don't mind doing laundry every 2-3 days though if that's what is needed.  Aweek

Also, any tips on how to organize baby clothes in a dresser? I'm so anal about organizing my own clothes I'm sure I will be the same with his. So many of the clothes came in outfit sets that I wanted to keep together, but then I also wanted to separate everything into pants, onesies, shirts, etc. I'd like to organize it all so that I can see everything at once so I thought about rolling things instead of stacking them like I have above. If you have any ideas that work well for you please let me know!

I've been trying out meals that would work well as freezer meals for post baby, and one's that are full of veggies that I may get kids to eat in a few years. This broccoli quinoa casserole tasted SO GOOD the night it was made, but leftovers were nothing special. I hate it when dishes are like that. I'm definitely going to chop up the broccoli into much smaller pieces next time. IMG_9286

Travis has packed up all of his office/man cave so we are using that room to store boxes in as we start packing other parts of the house. His office chair is in there and Smokey has started sitting on top of it. Every time I walk by and see him like this I crack up. He doesn't give a shit about conventional seating norms. IMG_9363This weekend Travis and I are going to meet up with my parents in Pensacola for a baseball game. I'm so excited to go back to my hometown one last time before we move. We are going to hit up some of our favorite shops and restaurants, and end the day with a baseball game on the water and fireworks. I'm also about halfway done with a cross-stitch project for babe's room that I'm hoping to finish up this weekend. When I told Travis about the pattern I wanted to do he laughed, and then a few minutes later when I started working on it he said, "wait - you are seriously making this for the nursery?"

I think it will be hilarious. Hopefully this kid shares my sense of humor.

What are you up to this weekend?