Fitness Friday: Walking this baby out + New blog sneak peek!

Workout Wrap UpSaturday: 3.1 miles

Sunday: 3.1 miles

Monday: 4 miles

Tuesday: rest

Wednesday: 3.1 miles + 50 squats + upper body strength

Thursday: 100 squats + 100 lunges

Friday: 3.1 miles

Remember how I said I hadn't tried anything to induce labor? HA. After my failed membrane sweep at my 38 week appointment I was optimistic that it would at least help me progress further by my 39 week appointment (that was this Monday.) Well - it didn't. Still 1 cm, 60% effaced. Now I logically know that I could go from 1 cm to 10 in a day. The numbers don't mean anything.

But still.

I had another sweep done on Monday. Less cramping than the last time. When I got home I immediately went for a 2 mile walk. That night I did another 2 miles. The rest of the week I focused on just walking, and doing squats (which are supposed to help get baby into a good position.) I may have also walked with one foot on the curb, and one foot in the drain, for a few minutes. Why? Because Dr. Google told me that may help get baby to press down on cervix more to further dilation.

With the movers coming in -- 9 days now -- we discussed the possibility of inducing labor. I would really like to try to go without an epidural. I know that if I were to be induced using pitocin that the pain would be much harder to deal with, and it would also stress the baby out. One plus to inducing is that we'd be guaranteed to get my doctor. She is part of a practice and is only in Labor & Delivery once every 4-6 days. She offered to do it anytime we wanted as of our Monday appointment, and would be available on my due date (Labor Day - September 7th.) I waited until Wednesday to make sure the sweep didn't work, and then called to tell her I just couldn't stomach the idea of inducing. It's not off the table completely. We have an appointment on Tuesday and if things still haven't changed then we may revisit the idea.

I heard there was such a thing as a 'pregnancy dance' that was supposed to help induce labor. I looked it up on youtube and the videos were hilarious. Most articles I read on the idea all centered around the same movements; rubbing your belly firmly in a clockwise motion for a minute to stimulate a contraction (this worked for me - but I've been getting Braxton Hicks constantly since 20 weeks.) Then doing wide lunges and squats for 3 minutes. I figured 'what the hell' and counted that as my workout yesterday. I did 10 rounds, and in the middle of it I looked over and saw Salem staring at me with a distinct "you are an idiot" face.

IMG_0026I ate okay this week. I made some of my hearty rice skillet earlier in the week and had that for lunch for a few days. Then I got all emo about being pregnant still and Travis missing out on time with our newborn when he leaves (in 22 days) so I bought ice cream and marshmallows to console myself. I ate them in two days. Hearty Rice Skillet

By yesterday I was over my pity party (I know I'm not even at my due date yet I just had grand fantasies of babe coming early so we could have more time with him together) and I was back to feeling pretty good. Aside from the timing issue I really don't mind being pregnant still, at all. I imagined feeling miserable at 40 weeks, but I really feel better now than I did 2-3 weeks ago. I'm sleeping better, my energy is up, and my mood is generally improved.

I've been working 8+ hours a day on the blog so that's kept me very busy. I also spend 1-2 hours a day crafting now, or looking for craft stuff to buy on etsy. Same difference. I ordered stickers last weekend for my planner and one of the shipments arrived already. So adorable! Planner Stickers

Part of the behind-the-scenes blog work has included working with a designer to update the site. The general layout will stay the same, but we are working on a snazzy new header and footer, plus some cool widgets and other elements that will give the blog a cohesive look. I've been working a lot more on optimizing old posts, promoting evergreen content, and brainstorming ways I may be able to reach out and help fellow bloggers more with monetizing their own websites. Lots of excitement!Logo

What are your plans this weekend? 

What would you like to see me blog more about? If you are a blogger would could you use help with?