Fitness Friday: Week 2 of Yoga Teacher Training

Workout Wrap UpSaturday: REST

Sunday: 13.1 miles in New Orleans!

Monday: 45 minutes of yoga

Tuesday: 3 hours of yoga

Wednesday: 1 hour of yoga + evening 5k

Thursday: REST

Friday: 1-2 hours of yoga

This week has been just as much of a whirlwind as my first week in yoga teacher training. Thankfully it was a little bit lighter in practice since I was feeling a little sore after the half marathon in New Orleans on Sunday. Being surrounded by health-conscious women has inspired me to try to stay on point with eating healthy (80% of the time at least.) Lunch this week has been this southwest salad. It looks way bigger in the morning before the lettuce gets all wilted from how heavy the toppings are! I'll have a kind bar with this to help keep me full until dinner.

Friday2Breakfast has been a slice of this veggie packed crustless quiche, and a cup of greek yogurt. Trying to go more protein based for breakfast versus carb based to see if it makes a difference in my energy/fullness. It's been hard for me to gauge this week since I've been sick (more on that in a minute!)

Friday6The best eats this week came from this incredible cookie butter one of the yoga teachers left out for us to consume as needed (which, for me, is a giant spoonful a day after lunch.) It is SO GOOD it's the first time I've been happy that I don't live anywhere near a Trader Joe's. friday

So, about that whole 'sick' thing. I woke up Tuesday with swollen lymph nodes in my neck. That's always the first thing to happen before I get sick. Sometimes if I start resting/loading up on good stuff early enough I can prevent it from getting worse so I took it easy and waited to see how I felt on Wednesday.

Wednesday morning I woke up and I couldn't breathe. My sinuses were a hot mess but my throat felt better. I had decent energy so ran a 5k after training and stopped by Target on the way home to load up on sick day essentials.Friday4Thursday morning I woke up and my sinuses were worse, and my throat and chest felt tight so I went to the yoga studio and asked if I could take a break from classes to go to the urgent care. Of course they agreed and I headed over to Baptist to get checked out. The nurse practitioner said I had a lot of fluid in my ears but it wasn't anything worse than a bad cold. The prescription was lots of fluid, rest, and a saline nasal spray which made me want to vomit.

At least she gave me a few of these cool 'pens' that dispense hand sanitizer. Friday1

I hope to be feeling better soon as we have to teach a 60 minute class as our 'final exam' next week! I'm not 100% confident on the sequence and cues yet but I think I'll be good after a few more days of studying. Thankfully my years as a psychology professor have made me pretty comfortable talking in front of a room full of people so even if I butcher it and mess something up I should be able to think quickly on my feet and fix it!

Here's a shot from my sunset 5k. I swear the only reason why I run is to be outside.

Friday3This weekend we have a guest lecturer (David Wagner) coming in from NYC to teach us more about meditation, the sutras and gita, and how to not become a bullshit yoga teacher. I am excited to meet him and learn from him! I'm still so grateful to have the time and ability to go through this program.

What are you up to this weekend?

What would you love to get certified in to teach/do?