Fitness Friday: Working out at 35 Weeks


Workout Wrap Up

Saturday: REST

Sunday: Booty Barre Total New Body

Monday: 5k

Tuesday: T25 Lower Body Focus

Wednesday: REST

Thursday: 5k (including my 30 minute butt toning treadmill workout.)

Friday: Prenatal Physique

After taking most of last week off from working out it felt great to get back to a normal schedule this week. Both 5k's included a quarter mile jog which is about all I can do anymore. I just like being able to jog for a few minutes so my body doesn't completely forget what the motion feels like! On Tuesday I was bored of the 2-3 DVD's I've been rotating through while pregnant so I pulled out my T25. I was able to do most of the moves, following a few of the modifications, and it was nice to feel like I was getting a 'hard' workout in again. I always wear a heart rate monitor when I workout so I stayed well below the 160 threshold (that I self-imposed.)

My 35 1/2 week bump shot after the 5k yesterday:

35 weeksYes, I'm wearing the exact same outfit I wear every time I go to the gym to workout. It's about all that fits me anymore, and when I workout at home I'll just wear a sports bra and yoga pants that cut into my sides so much I get a mean muffin top.

This week we went to a financial brief getting ready to move and I took my car in to finally get three recalls fixed on it. I am so, so bummed that I'll be leaving my car behind when we move. The military will only pay to ship one car, so Travis will be shipping his out within the next 3ish weeks to be there when he arrives. My car isn't worth what it would cost to ship it, and we'd have to invest about 1k in it to get it winterized. Even then it's still not a great car for a baby (the stroller we got doesn't even fit in the trunk!) I got the car in 2007, and paid it off in 2012, so it's been so nice to have a 'free' car for the past three years. Anyone know of a small SUV that would be great in obscene amounts of snow that they could recommend? I've been looking at Subaru, Mazda and Honda.

I've been meaning to pick up Chicka Chicka Boom Boom for a few weeks and finally ordered it off of Amazon. I'm reading it to the baby every night since research says he should be able to remember it after he is born. It was one of my brothers favorite books growing up, and it's such a fun book to read out loud.IMG_9495

We went to Michaels and I picked up a frame for my latest cross stitch project. I've been working on a much bigger piece, but found this pattern online and thought it would be a nice distraction from the piece I've been working on. It only took me about two hours to finish, and it goes so well with the button heart art I did earlier this year. IMG_9502

I walked in on Salem cuddling with the scale again. He's such a weirdo. IMG_9506

Tried to get a good photo of the elusive Smokey and this was the best I could get (he immediately jumped down and ran away.) IMG_9507

Travis texted me this photo from the living room one night. The moment he lays down on the couch the cats fight to cuddle with him. Rudy

What do you all think of the new layout? I've done all the work thus far myself, but am waiting to hear back from a few website designers to help me finish the rest. I want a better header, some specific things on the sidebar, and to change the layout of a few pages. Overall it's going in the direction I wanted and I can't wait to see the finished project!

This weekend I hope to start, and finish, babies Christmas stocking. I know once he is here and we make the move I'll have zero time (or desire) to work on it. I haven't been to the pool all week so we will probably swing by there one day. The rest of the time will be devoted to packing, organizing, and getting ready for the move. Less than two months to go!

Where do your pets lay on/next to you when you cuddle? 

What are your plans this weekend?