Fitness Friday: Workouts for the Week and Comfort Eating


Workout Wrap Up

Saturday: Booty Barre Total New Body

Sunday: 5k walk

Monday: REST

Tuesday: WALLOW

Wednesday: WALLOW

Thursday: Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 + 5k walk

Friday: My 500 Calorie No Equipment Workout

So .... this week was sort of a bust. I felt great on Saturday but then woke up with horrible thigh cramps on Sunday morning. I thought a walk might help, but it got progressively worse over the rest of the day. By Monday the cramp was mostly gone, but I felt like I had a sore throat coming on and my muscles were aching. I took the day off to rest up, and may have worked out Tuesday if it wasn't for receiving the Alaska news that morning.

I'm still so excited to move, but I can't lie and say I didn't freak out a bit. Now that Travis and I have talked, a lot, about logistics I feel better. I still know anything could happen (like our orders could get changed and we could go somewhere totally different, or I could deliver 2 weeks late via c-section and not be able to join him for a while) but we have a lot of great options laid out and a tentative plan.

I spent all day Tuesday and Wednesday in my pajamas, on the couch, alternating between excitedly researching Alaska and crying thinking about how stressful it will be to do this move after just giving birth. I had zero appetite most of the day and then at night the only thing I wanted was a huge brownie, so that was dinner. I knew getting back to my normal routine, including eating well and working out, would make me feel 100x better so I did that on Thursday with a bit of strength trainig and a 5k walk. I spent the whole time on the walk talking to my Mom and felt so much better by the time I got home.

PolarSince I did wallow so much I didn't take a lot of photos of things this week. Unsurprisingly the only time I did pull my camera out was to catch the cats being adorable. Smokey was helping me take photos for the BBQ post.

IMG_9015All three cuddled up together on the beds. I love how Salem gets the one big bed to himself and Rudy and Smokey cram into the tiny one.

IMG_9053Anytime I think of Travis driving 4300 miles in the Winter in a giant UHaul with our three cats I get so anxious. From what we've read online the roads in Canada and Alaska don't start to get bad until late October/early November but I'm still going to be a wreck the entire time they are on the road.

I am looking forward to spending a few weeks at my parents house. They are in no rush to see me go! I can't imagine being back at home with a baby. It's still so surreal! I'll be a Mom, wearing Mom jeans, doing Mom things. As much as Travis and I hate that he'll miss some of this newborn time it's going to be great to spend the that time with my parents before I take off and likely won't see them again for a while.

I've started making about a dozen different lists of things to get done before the move. We keep hearing how ridiculous the cost of living is in Alaska so one list is going to be things we'd like to purchase in bulk down here to help offset the cost of moving/living up there for a few months. Cat liter, toiletries, canned food, etc. Apparently a gallon of milk is $5 there and a frozen pizza is about $17. So, I'm just figuring that most things are going to cost 30-50% more up there.

This weekend we are making a second attempt at Shipwreck Island in Panama City! After this week I'm definitely looking forward to relaxing. The online scoring job finished up yesterday too so it's perfect timing to start cleaning, packing, and writing out posts in advance to keep the blog hopping during birth + move. As the great Jesse Spano said, I'm so excited!

What other non-perishables would you stock up on?

What are you doing this weekend?