Fitness Friday: Workouts, My First Real Craving and Dress Shopping While Pregnant Sucks

Workout Wrap Up

Saturday: Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30

Sunday: 2 mile walk

Monday: REST

Tuesday: Xtend Barre

Wednesday: 2 mile walk

Thursday: My Total Body Home Workout

Friday: 2 mile walk

I'm so happy I've been able to get back to light workouts! I actually forgot to talk about it with my OB at my appointment on Monday, but they didn't say anything, and my contractions are down to 1-2 an hour. After taking last week off I'm easing back into things workout out about half as long as I normally would, and much less intensity. I'll probably keep it light like this for a few more days and if I'm still feeling good try to up the number of miles I walk at a time. I don't think I'll try running again until I'm 34/35 weeks.


My diet this week has been pretty good. I'm back to oatmeal with vanilla soy milk for breakfast in the morning. I'll usually have a protein bar after I workout around 9/10 a.m., and lunch this week was tempeh tacos. Dinners I usually just make something random (Gardein sliders, amys taquitos, ravioli...) and I've had air popped popcorn with real butter almost every night before bed.

On Wednesday I had my first legit "I cannot stop thinking about this food" craving. MARSHMALLOWS. From noon until 4 when I went to the store I seriously couldn't stop thinking about them. I finally threw on a shirt 2 sizes too small and went out in the rain for marshmallows and ice cream. I made the wise decision to just get 2 single serving containers of ice cream, and my usual mini marshmallow bag.

Week1I had both of the ice creams and about half the bag of marshmallows for dinner and went into a sugar coma. I don't remember falling asleep, but I passed out for about 4 hours and woke up feeling like crap. I felt bad that baby had ice cream and marshmallows for dinner. Damn they were good though.

On Monday I received a surprise package from Mom. She knew I had been going stir crazy not being able to workout last week, and generally being stuck inside all day thanks to 100 degree weather, so she sent me this little 'keep busy' box! She's so stinking cute. I keep the paint-by-numbers on the end table in the living room and usually spent 1-2 hours a day doing it while Travis is at work. I'm having way more fun doing it than I thought I would! It's oddly relaxing, and really helps pass the time quickly. As it gets closer to d-day I'll probably pick up another one since I'm sure my anxiousness is only going to increase 10 fold.


Despite a weeks worth of crummy weather I did get one pool day in. I'm so grateful to live 1/2 a mile from a pool that's free to use! The moment I get in the water every ache and pain I have goes away. I try not to stay out more than an hour to limit sun exposure and to not overheat. Week3

This week was the first time I saw myself and thought, "shit I'm huge." Between my new low back pain, nightly hip pain, and 24/7 heartburn I'm really starting to feel pregnant. Of course I felt pregnant before, but it just hit me hard this week. I still love it, and think I'm having a pretty easy pregnancy, but it was very frustrating when I went out trying to find a nice dress to wear to Travis's graduation next month.

At first I fell in love with this Ralph Lauren dress at Kohls. It's not a maternity dress so I could wear it post-partum, but it was on sale for $70 which was a bit more than I wanted to spend. Plus, the size 4 I had on was pretty tight in the waist already, and I wasn't going to be wearing it for another month, so I tried on the size 8 and that was baggy in awkward places and too long. So, I loved it but passed.  Week6

Then I tried on this dress at Target. Also not maternity but I figured a more flowing design would be better than the tight Ralph Lauren dress. I sent this picture to Travis and said, "I actually look like I'm wearing a circus tent." Pass. Week5

So I thought maybe something that was form fitting would look better. Until I put this form fitting dress on and texted Travis that I looked like a hooker. Pass. Week7

I ended up finding a maternity dress that is a bit more casual than I wanted, but fits well and is something I'll wear postpartum as a regular Spring/Summer dress.

A friend posted an article on facebook this week showing how badly people failed at trying to copy newborn photography poses. I think Travis and I are skipping maternity and newborn photos so I'll try to just take some nice ones of the baby myself. I'm pretty sure this is exactly how well it will turn out.Week2We have another non-stop weekend filled with excitement ahead of us! Travis has started packing up his office and will be finishing that up this weekend so we can start putting packed boxes back there. I need to get started on babies Christmas stocking, and finish up the stuffed animals I've been making for him. As sad as I will be to move so far from family I'm really looking forward to moving to Alaska in a few months. I miss having things to do on the weekend! I've already looked at their race calendars and they have so many fun races year round. Travis and I can't wait to go hiking with the baby, and we are going to cram as much outdoor fun as we can into the few weeks we'll have there before it gets too cold.

I hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July!

What are your weekend plans? Moms - did you get newborn photos done? If not, did you regret it?