Fitness Friday: Workouts this week, what's in my fridge, and cat photos


Workout Wrap UpSaturday: 5 miles (2.5 mile ruck walk, 2.5 miles without pack.)

Sunday: REST

Monday: REST (Diabetes Test Induced Coma)

Tuesday: my 500 Calorie No Equipment Workout

Wednesday: Tracey Mallet F.I.T.

Thursday: 1 mile run, 2 mile incline walk

Friday: Hopefully my 500 Calorie No Equipment Workout again!

Next week I'll be in my 3rd trimester (already!) so I'm thrilled to be working out 5 days a week still. I definitely miss running though. The last few times I tried to run I'd make it about 1/4 mile before I'd get mild round ligament pain so I'd stop and walk the rest of the way. Yesterday, I went to the gym and wore my maternity belt and was able to make it a full mile without stopping. Yay! I then walked 2 miles, with 1.5 of those miles being at a 5% incline.

400 calories burned in an hour? I'll take it. {Here's the heart rate monitor I use. Well worth the $109!}Aweek

I didn't workout on Monday because I had my gestational diabetes test that morning. Basically, I had to drink 50 grams of sugar an hour before my appointment. At my appointment they took a blood sample to see how effectively my body is processing glucose. I've heard horror stories about this test. Mostly that the drink was the worst thing people had ever tried. So, I took my first sip on camera:

Honestly, it wasn't bad at all! A lot of women complained about how horrible they felt after drinking it, and after my appointment at 8:30 I came home and went to work and felt fine. Suddenly, around 11 a.m., I pretty much passed out into a coma on the couch; sitting up, laptop in my lap. I woke up around 1 when Travis came home and I could hardly move I was so weak. So, yeah ... not the most fun test to take!

A random shot I took on Tuesday when I went to my favorite trails to take photos for my 500 calorie workout post.


Another random shot. I got a new camera this week (the Samsung NX mini) so I've been having fun playing around with it! I'm also using my old Canon DSLR more in manual mode. I'm working on improving my photography skills so I've probably taken 100s of random photos this week. {Shout out to Meghan for answering my 253 photography questions this week!}

Next week I'll be doing a 'fridge tour' post. I love it when other bloggers show off what's in their fridge or pantry! I took the photos for it this week, and had way too much fun organizing my fridge. IMG_8921

Unsurprisingly the cats have been my primary focus for practicing photography this week.

This is my photo taken in manual mode that actually somewhat turned out! Of course there are plenty of things that could be improved upon in this shot, but I was just thrilled something was in focus, and it wasn't pitch dark.


Poor Rudy has been throwing up a lot more than usual. He has thrown up 2-3 times a week for years (food or hairballs) but it's become daily. I ordered some special hairball stuff for him from Amazon and some hairball treats. He's so stinking old, and literally has zero teeth on top (removed years ago) so I'm trying to make sure he doesn't start loosing any weight. IMG_8977Salem on the other hand .... I'm officially worried about how fat he is. He hasn't gained any weight, but weighing 16 pounds certainly isn't doing his health any favors. I've already cut back his wet food to 1 Tablespoon a day (just to get his medicine in him) so I think I'm going to start designating 15 minutes a day to 'exercising' him (chasing him around the house.)

IMG_8980Finally, sweet little Smokey is just so hard to get good photos of! He moves constantly. He really is the cutest cat ever. I always call him mouse.

Yes, that's Pete & Pete on my DVD rack.IMG_8985

I haven't done too much outside of working out and cleaning a bit around the house each day as this online scoring gig is taking up 40-50 hours of my time now. I'm still loving the job (and thankful they raised the amount of hours we can work so we can get overtime now!) It looks like this contract has been extended a few more weeks so I'm happy I'll have more money to save and put down on my student loans. My loans aren't scheduled to be paid off until 2022, but at the rate I've been going they should be paid off next year. I cannot fathom how good that will feel.

This weekend I'll try to log 10-15 hours, and hopefully spend a lot of time at the pool with Travis. He may have a 3 day weekend and if that's the case we'll probably try to do a fun day trip somewhere.

What are your weekend plans? Any good shows/movies to recommend on Netflix or Hulu? Travis and I have literally nothing we can watch together anymore!