Fitness Friday: Worldly Cuisines + Egg Hunt + New Workout + MyFitnessPal


Workout Wrap UpSaturday: 3 mile hike

Sunday: REST

Monday: 6 miles (2 run//2 walk//2 run)

Tuesday: Bob Harper Pure Burn Super Strength (AM) + 5k walk (PM)

Wednesday: 4 mile run

Thursday: Total Body Home Workout (see below)

Friday: 4-6 mile run

 Happy Friday friends! I've had a great week and I hope you have as well. After a few weeks of 'meh' eating I've started to really get back on track with eating healthy and I'm starting to focus more on lifting weights. I've always neglected that when training for marathons so this is a nice change of pace.

The thought of doing one of my workout DVD's on Thursday bored the hell out of me, so I decided to come up with this at home dumbbell workout. I've been obsessively watching Brittney Lesser's youtube channel and she's inspired me to start lifting regularly (even if it's just at home weights.) This workout is based off of one from Jen at Peanut Butter Runner but I added a nice cardio warm-up and replaced a few moves in the supersets.

The key to getting the most out of this workout is to use the heaviest weights you can while maintaining good form. I normally use 8#'s but went up to 15#'s for some of these moves. If you want to get toned and lean out you HAVE TO LIFT WEIGHTS. Cardio will not cut it. Also, be sure to try to get your  knee as close to touching the ground as possible in the backward lunges. Feel that burn!

Total Body Workout

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My meals have been pretty healthy this week. I've been combining some interesting ethnic cuisines! Lunch has been tabouli and baked falafel and a few tablespoons of hummus with baby carrots. Dinner has been this cauliflower and quinoa kugel (a take on a traditional Jewish dish) and a gigantic Greek salad. The kugel is so good, a little plain in taste, but I'm obsessed with it. It's pretty much cauliflower, quinoa, cottage cheese, eggs and cumin. So, a protein powerhouse!

DinnerThe green olives I used in my salad were stuffed with garlic cloves. Heaven.

I've still been having my regular treats. This week it was Cadbury Cream eggs. I normally just buy one at a time whenever I'm at the store but all I could find last weekend was the 5 pack. I knew they wouldn't be in the stores much longer so I picked it up, but told Travis to hide it from me so I didn't eat them all in one day. I'm woman enough to admit there are certain food items I don't have any willpower against! So, he came up with the idea of hiding one around the house each morning before he left for work. It was pretty funny to be going about my day and randomly come across a chocolate egg.

2Hung out with my favorite neighborhood cat Shadow again.

ShadowOh, and I totally forgot to mention that the cat Travis and I saw run into the woods last week (obviously abandoned a while ago it was SO skiddish and had a horrible bite mark/abscess on it's side) showed up in our freaking backyard a few days ago! One of our cats, Smokey, was sitting at the open window and started meowing weird so I went over and saw he was talking to the poor homeless kitty! He ran around the side toward our front yard so I went out front. He went across the street and just stared at me for a moment. I ran inside, grabbed some dry cat food, and put about 1/2 cup outside hoping he'd eat it. Well, I went back a few minutes later and it was gone! I hate seeing cats like that so it made me feel good to know he at least had one good meal that day!

Our cats don't know how good they have it.

IMG_8508I found out recently I was selected to be an ambassador for Premier Protein and they sent me the BEST PACKAGE EVER this week.


IMG_8513It was like Christmas opening up the two giant boxes I received from them. All of their products taste amazing. I've been using their chocolate powdered protein mix every morning to make a shake for breakfast (1 scoop + 1/2 frozen banana + stevia + cocoa powder + 1 cup almond milk + 1 cup ice) for about 6 weeks now, so I was using it daily long before I found out I was selected to be an ambassador. If you ever see their products in the store you should definitely try them (especially the coveted Strawberry shakes that are so hard to find!)

Finally, I've started to use MyFitnessPal again. I don't really care how many calories a day I eat (I eat when I'm hungry, until I'm full, and try to make healthy choices 80% of the time) but it's nice to keep track of everything for a while just to see how much protein/fat I'm getting in. I definitely eat more vegetables when I'm holding myself accountable and writing everything down.

MyFitnessPalYes I eat Lean Cuisines sometimes. Those cheese pizza's are the shit! I'd much prefer to have the single serving Udi's GF cheese pizzas but they don't carry them anywhere locally. The dinner I had was the Kugel + Greek Salad that I just didn't feel like individually entering. As you can see I snack a lot! Overall I was very happy to see I was getting about 100 grams of protein (the dinner added about 20 grams to the day) but I could use a bit more healthy fats in there.

Travis and I will be coloring eggs this weekend because I'm 12 and I'm making him. We were going to go camping but the place I wanted to go (and all nearby areas) were booked months in advance. I didn't realize so many families would be out camping for Easter! I'll probably try to food prep on Sunday for the week since I haven't done that in ages. THE EXCITEMENT.

What are you doing this weekend? Do you use MyFitnessPal or track what you eat?