Fitness Friday: Yes, I'm Still Pregnant!


Workout Wrap UpSaturday: Rest

Sunday: T25 Speed 2.0 + Upper  Body Work

Monday: 2.2 mile walk

Tuesday: Tracey Mallet F.I.T.

Wednesday: 5k walk

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Prenatal Physique + short walk

I've reached the point in pregnancy where people are constantly texting or messaging me online to ask if the baby is here yet. I'll be 39 weeks on Monday, so it is possible any day now! Everyone warned that the last few weeks would drag by, but to me they are flying. I've been working 8+ hours every day this week on behind the scenes blog stuff and freelance work. Even though I am cleaning the house every night now, just in case, I feel like most of my nesting has been centered around getting work in order!

My energy this week has been MUCH better than last week. I can't believe I was able to workout 4 days in a row! My walks are getting slower, and I'm doing more 30 minute strength workouts at home versus the hour long ones I used to do, but I'm still doing what I can and it feels great. The weather here took a dramatic turn this week and humidity has been virtually non-existent. It felt like Fall out when I was on my walk Wednesday morning!

bWeekLook at how swollen my hand is (the puffy part between the fingers holding the acorn.) My hands are super swollen for a few hours in the morning thanks to pregnancy carpal tunnel.

Earlier in the week I had my 38 week appointment. Only slight progress over last week; still 1 cm dilated but 60% effaced. The Doc did a membrane sweep on me. Said it was highly unlikely to trigger labor given how dilated I was, but should help dilate me quicker over the coming week or two. She knows movers will be here 1 week after little mans due date so she's trying to help me get him here on time! The sweep was unpleasant, and I was super emotional that day, so I consoled myself at CiCis pizza after the appointment. Naturally.

There were two other pregnant women there. A pizza buffet is pretty much heaven for us.

bWeek2Yeah, that's a slice of macaroni and cheese pizza.

We drove around downtown Dothan a bit and I saw this amazing mural. They have tons of them all over the city. I'm trying to make sure we do/see everything we wanted to here before we leave next month. Bweek3

Last week I said the cats never leave their usual resting spots, and this week they threw me for a loop by hiding out in places they never do. Smokey man claimed the big bed by the window for the first time.IMG_9863

Salem hung out with his favorite yoga post blanket on my office chair. He looks so suave here. IMG_9878Poor two-toothed Rudy sunbathed for a while in the window. IMG_9882

I love when Smokey cuddles up with himself like this. He gives himself a hug and I think it's pretty much the cutest thing I've ever seen.IMG_9895

IMG_9909This weekend some of Travis's family will be in town so I'm looking forward to getting together with them. We also plan on going to a paint your own pottery studio in a nearby town. It's one of the last dates we have to do from the date night box I gave Travis for Christmas. We both spent all of our blow money for the month so I'm glad we have these pre-paid dates waiting to be used!

What are you up to this weekend?