FitnessGlo Review and Giveaway

As the queen of at-home workouts I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to try out FitnessGlo. I haven't had a gym membership in years and I love working out at home because it saves me a decent amount of money and a significant amount of time! When I used to go to the gym it would take me an extra hour to workout once you factored in driving time to there and back. That's about double the amount of time that I spend when working out now - ain't nobody got time for that!FitnessGlo6

As much as I love working out at home it can get a bit boring. Even though I have a pretty epic DVD collection thanks to years of buying workout DVD's by now I've done them all at least 30-40 times. Thankfully, FitnessGlo came to the rescue! They have a nice variety of different types of workouts:FitnessGlo4I tried to find somewhere on their blog that stated how many workouts they actually had, because I think that's pretty important to know if your thinking of signing up! Well, I didn't spot the information so I went ahead and counted them all up, because I love you like that. The workouts are broken down into 4 levels:

Getting Started: 27 workouts

Level 1: 107 workouts

Level 2: 150 workouts

Level 3: 93 workouts

Total number of workouts: 377. Do you know what that equates to in cost of workout DVD's? Assuming $10 per DVD that's $3,770 worth of butt-kicking exercises. For $12 a month I'd say that's a great bargain! That number doesn't even include the dozens of short tutorial video's they have: FitnessGlo5

Over the last few weeks I've tried out a few of their workouts. Now, to be honest, I was a little worried they wouldn't be challenging enough for me. When I'm working out at home I like to be pushed hard. I want to see my HR go up and feel a burn the next day. Once again, FitnessGlo delivered!

2013-05-31 08.19.44The first day I selected two workouts. An ab routine with Amy Dixon and upper body strength with Jeffrey Scott. I loved that most of the core work with Amy was done in planks and Jeffrey's short arm workout left my arms more sore the next day then they had been in weeks. Plus, their personalities are stinking adorable. Both were upbeat without being obnoxious, easy to follow, and totally motivating. The photo above was after I did a short run and Amy's 30 minute bootcamp. I burned 200 calories in her 30 minute routine which is great calorie burn for me doing an at-home workout!

2013-06-03 07.41.56

The following week I tried some more workouts by Amy and Jeffrey and they were just as great - effective, kept my HR up and it was so much fun to be trying some new routines. FitnessGlo has lots of cool features to track your history and progress. I love this Balance chart showing how evenly distributed your workouts are. Mine are right on track being properly divided between cardio, strength and stretching! FitnessGlo3

What I loved:

- The diversity of the workouts: HIIT, total body strength, ab work, Tabata, ... I loved that there was something for every fitness 'mood' I was in

- Even though I didn't pay for it the price ($12) is incredible. Had I signed up on my own dime I would have been 100% satisfied

- I have a total crush on Amy and Jeffrey

- Most of the workouts required either a set of hand-weights or nothing at all

- You can create your own playlists so you can stack workouts to do one after the other. The workouts range from 10-45 minutes so I was able to stack 2 or 3 together to make a customized routine

What I'd love to see:

- More traditional barre workouts. I'm a barre fanatic so I was a bit disappointed when I tried one of their barre workouts with Ilyse. If you're a hardcore barre lover be aware that these workouts are not similar to the other home barre DVD's you may have tried. They were much more dance based, which is something I'm not accustomed to (and absolutely terrible at.)

- The only type of workouts missing are yoga, as they have a YogaGlo site where those routines are hosted.

Finally - one feature I didn't use but would be perfect for those just starting are their pre-made 8 week Fitness programs. FitnessGlo1

Here's a more detailed peek at their Intermediate program:

FitnessGlo290 Day Subscription to FitnessGlo Giveaway

To enter simply check out the FitnessGlo website and leave a comment below with what workout you'd be most excited to try. The giveaway will end Friday night at Midnight (central time) so check back Saturday to see if you are the winner!

FitnessGloWinnerWinner is Glenneth!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post through Fitfluential and FitnessGlo. I was provided with a subscription and compensated to provide my honest review.