Flight School Graduation


We had such a whirlwind week last week! Flight school graduation is really a multi-day process. We started off with family day, then the military ball, and finally the actual graduation ceremony. The ceremony took place in the aviation museum on post; quite a fitting backdrop!DSC03618

The ceremony was only an hour long, and it was extremely family friendly. They told everyone we could come up front and take as many photos as we wanted, whenever we wanted. A few excited babies waddled up to their Dad's as they were sitting waiting to be called!

Almost as soon as we sat down in our seats Travis's grandmother started tearing up, and then his Mom saw her crying and started to cry. Then my Mom started. Then I started. Dad had gone to the bathroom and when he walked up asked, "what the heck did I miss?"

The soldiers were called up individually to walk across the stage and receive their wings and diplomas. They would do this for five soldiers before announcing, "please come forward and pin your soldier." That was the families cue to haul butt up there and pin them, and take as many photos as possible.

I was nervous about pinning him! I didn't want to put it on crooked, or accidently stab him. Thankfully, neither happened. 20150730_104010 - Copy

Check out the guy in the background in the above photo - love his expression.

The family snapped a few photos of us together, and a few of Travis with his mom and grandmother. 20150730_104033 - CopyThe ceremony went by so quickly it seemed like just a few minutes had passed before Travis was dismissed and came to find us. He's a freaking pilot now! He moved to Fort Rucker about 3 months before we started dating, so I've been with him almost from the beginning. When they compare flight school to med school they aren't exaggerating. His workdays varied from 4 a.m. - 1 p.m., to 5 p.m. - 1 a.m.. After each shift he'd come home and sleep for an hour or two, and then spend the rest of the day studying, or creating flight plans.

Now, he's got about a month of duty days left before he's taking 30 days of leave to enjoy new baby and get ready for our move to Alaska. I'm so proud of him and looking forward to our next adventure together!