Food Prep Update

My approach to food prepping on the weekends has evolved a bit so I decided to give you guys some insight as to how my diet has changed recently.

Over the last few months I've phased out most gluten and dairy products. I decided to go 'gluten light' after being diagnosed with Hashimoto's and reading more on the strong negative relationship between my thyroid disorder and gluten. Also, my Dad has celiacs so there's an increased chance I have a sensitivity to gluten. The primary reason though is that I feel better without it. Same goes for dairy. Over 10 years ago I was diagnosed with IBS after numerous trips to the doctors office and ER with extreme stomach pains. I rarely have any IBS issues anymore but when I do they are usually triggered by foods rich in dairy and gluten (most pasta dishes = me wishing for death.)

I also try to eat foods that are as nutritionally dense as possible and pasta falls pretty low on the list. 1 cup of spaghetti noodles is about 200 calories and 1 cup of sweet potato is slightly less (180) but has significantly more vitamins and minerals. I will still have the occasional piece of bread or dessert but almost all the food I make/eat at home is GF.

With dairy,  I will occasionally buy a tub of cottage cheese or greek yogurt to have as my afternoon snack for the week but that's about the extent of my dairy consumption. I stay away from cheese as it's a definite IBS trigger!

So - what do my meals look like then? Now that I'm marathon training my diet went from about 60% vegetables to 60% carbs! Here's my menu for this week:

IMG_7070Breakfast: always my favorite PB2 Oatmeal with Chia seeds

Snack 1: Protein Bar

Lunch: one of the best recipes I've ever made, ever. If you like Indian food you need to make this Curried Chickpea Soup immediately. I followed the directions except for adding a little less olive oil (about 1/2 T.) and it made 6 cups and came in at 1200 calories for the batch. I'm planning to reheat a cup at work and put it over a bed of spinach to make it more of a salad, and because I'm a volume eater it will fill me up better & get some greens in.

IMG_7067I actually called my Mom as soon as I was done making it to tell her how good it was.

Snack 2: Cottage cheese with Pineapple

Dinner: White bean pizza with garlic green beans


This was my first time using Udi's GF pizza crust and I thought it tasted just like a regular crust. Each slice (1/4 of the pizza) is about 200 calories and has a nice amount of protein thanks to the beans. It was a tad bland but I'm definitely making it again and just adding some more spices to the bean mix and probably some olives, onions and peppers as toppings.

Snack 3: Apple, PB2 and either macadamia nuts or GF carby something (animal crackers are a favorite right now!)

So - that's what my tummy's enjoying lately. My appetite has gone back to normal after eating ALL the foods the first month of training. I'm also trying to find meals that are quick to prep on Sundays. Before I started working at the hospital I had much more free time and didn't mind spending a few hours on Sunday cooking. Now - that's cutting into my extremely limited R & R time so I aim to spend a max of 1 hour cooking. These two meals were perfect as I could work on them at the same time, and my veggie side for the week was as easy as opening up a few cans of green beans and adding some seasoning to them.

What are some of your favorite 'quickie' recipes? 

If you have any GF/Vegan-ish meal ideas please share!