Friday Favorites: Yoga in the Rain

So far my first Alaskan summer has been ... wet. IMG_1315

It's been dreary and overcast all week. I shouldn't have complained so much about the crazy heat last week! We are up to 20 hours and 6 minutes of day light a day.


Thinking back to just a few months ago when we had only four hours of light a day and it seems like a lifetime ago. We plan to take advantage of the light and warmer weather and explore as much as we can over the next few months.

While Travis works I try to get out with the baby as much as possible. We go to the stroller boot camp class a few times a week, go on walks at various places around town, and once a week I try to do something like the museum or library. He loves being outside and going on long walks. We came across this unique mailbox and made a friend with a neighborhood girl on our walk this week. She ran up to the baby and started asking a bunch of questions about him, and started telling me about herself. She was so adorable. IMG_1294

I've been trying to do one hard sprint workout a week to get my 5k time down. I did 4x400 and 1x800 at an 8:00 pace on Wednesday. I walked a quarter mile between each interval. I was dying. WHY is running fast so difficult? I always feel so strong the first 15 seconds, and 30 second into it I hate my life and feel like I weigh 500 pounds and I'm running through a pool full of pudding.IMG_1316

My meals this week have been uber lame so my favorite dinner was actually one I made for Travis. These jalapeno chicken taquitos are super easy to throw together and he loves them. I roasted up some veggies in coconut oil to go with them while I roasted plain sweet potato fries for little man.IMG_1330

My favorite workout this week was our stroller fitness class in the rain! I taught half of the class and took them through a fun yoga sequence and then ended things with a tough ab workout. I got to test out the rain cover I got for the stroller and I kept cracking up when I glanced over at my little bubble boy. SSM

Earlier this week on Periscope I talked about diet burnout. I've been tracking macros for 15 weeks and am taking a break from it this weekend. I'm also not going to exercise unless I 100% want to. I've been going pretty hard in 2016 and I feel like it's finally all caught up to me. Taking a few days off will help me get energized to come back more focused and more determined to hit some big personal and professional goals I've set for myself this year. I think it's so important to take time off and it's not easy to do when you are self-employed and there is literally something you could be working on 24/7.

When is the last time you took a vacation from your life?