Friday Favorites: First Stroller 5k, Baby Moves and I'm Teaching Again!


It has been an incredible week! I'm in the midst of grading ACT papers so I've been going non-stop between work, the baby, working out and general life errands. I've been pretty good about only working while he's napping or sleeping so I feel less stressed when he's awake, and I'm still getting about 4-5 hours of work in a day. So, on to my favorites!

Favorite workouts

All of my workouts this week have been awesome. I had a great strength training session at home on Wednesday. I tried out a few new moves for my boot camp clients and they are going to kill me. I can't wait. IMG_0999

Tomorrow I'll start teaching portions of the stroller strong moms class. I'll be leading yoga based workouts so I'm finally putting that yoga certification to use! I've been so impressed with the workouts I've been doing with the class. They are hard. I definitely assumed they'd be easy and I'm glad I was mistaken.

Little man always has so much fun going and watching the other kids. He made quite a few friends yesterday who loved trying to make him laugh! IMG_1056 - Copy

I'm also interviewing this weekend with a local yoga studio, and then the owner of a crossfit studio also asked if I could teach a  yoga class once a week. I can bring baby to the stroller classes and will just teach nights and weekends at the studios so Travis can watch him. I'm looking forward to doing something on my own!

My favorite run this week was the Walk and Wine 5k I did last night. It was a small race, for women only, so I thought it would be a good first race to run with the stroller. I wanted to come in under 30 minutes, but considering I barely made that last weekend when I ran the Chena River Run 5k I didn't think it was going to be possible while pushing a stroller.

But it was.

I even came in just a little bit faster than I did last time. I'm hopeful I can cut a few minutes off this time by the end of Summer. IMG_1097

After the race they had a wine tasting, and some great post race food. I wish all races had cheese, fruit and crackers! We sat outside for a bit before I had to head home and get baby in bed. Look at how light it is at 7 p.m.! It stays light out until about 11 p.m. right now. IMG_1103

All of the race finishers got these adorable wine glasses. The race fee was only $20! I'll definitely be doing this race every year we are up here.IMG_1106

Favorite Baby Move

So, I think my kid is going to be one of those that just skips crawling and goes to walking. He's done a little commando crawl a few times but really shows no interest in doing a 'real' crawl anytime soon. He loves to stand though! We spend some time every day practicing and I'll hold his hands and get him to work on his balance.

Rudy there is always by his side. Whenever the baby starts to cry Rudy runs in to check on him. It's freaking adorable.


Favorite Cat Photos

I can't even with this photo of Smokey and Rudy holding paws. I hate to say it but ever since Salem died Smokey has been so much more social and fun. Salem always picked on him (and then Rudy picked on Salem for it) so I think Smokey was more introverted while he was around.


He even helped me box up all the baby clothes that don't fit anymore (WHY is my son already wearing 12 month sizes? Slow down little man!)


This weekend will be the usual food prep, relaxing, and spending as much time outside as possible. I'm hoping to go on a long run on Saturday. The Equinox Marathon is 4 months away so I'm going to start loosely training for that (I'll likely just do the half or the relay) so I'll probably do 8-10 Saturday.

What are you doing this weekend? Have any races on the agenda?