Friday Favorites: Stroller Workout + Getting Out of a Funk


Hello lovelies! I hope you all had a wonderful week. I'm sitting here sipping on a Ginger Root Beer Zevia enjoying the sound of sweet baby snores on the monitor (I'm writing this late Thursday night.) There's a hot bubble bath calling my name after this!FITNESSFRIDAYFavorite Meals This Week

Baby boy tried three new foods this week; oatmeal, cucumber and red bell pepper. He loved all three, but I think the red pepper was his favorite. I'm trying not to project my food preferences on to him so I'm starting to seek out foods I don't like/eat regularly to let him try. I hate cucumbers, but of course he loved them!

baby led weaning, cucumber, red peppers, 7 months

I'm also not a fan of a lot of fruits (mangoes, peaches, etc.) so I'm going to buy those next week to let him try. He hasn't had much fruit aside from banana so I think he'll love them just for the sweetness.

My favorite food this week was my latest batch of Glo Bars! I used freeze dried strawberries and dehydrated blueberries in them and it was perfect.


Favorite Afternoon

On Wednesday I went to my counseling appointment and spent some time at my favorite store after. It took all I had to not buy these cute little pencils. I'm trying to save my monthly 'blow' money for new clothes since I'm finally back to my pre-pregnancy weight thanks to carb cycling!


Every time I visit this store they have a new display up and I could just spend hours wandering around looking at all the treasures. IMG_9457

Favorite Workout

On Monday I tried a stroller fitness class. I don't think I expected it to be very challenging, but I was sore for two days after! I'm sure it wasn't just from that class, but also the hilly 5k I ran the night before. It was still great to workout outside, meet new mamas, and change up my routine.

This photo isn't from the class but one of the walks we went on this week. The sun was hitting his face so I used my jacket to block the rays a bit. I ordered some natural sunscreen and bug spray this week that I'm anxious to start using on him. The mosquitoes up here are terrible. They are massive in size and I'm already seeing them out a lot when we walk.


Favorite Photo

I actually took about a hundred photos of baby boy this week that I love more than this one, but this photo definitely summed up my Monday. It was exhausting. From the moment I woke up (to two piles of cat diarrhea and one pile of cat vomit) the struggle was real. Baby woke up a few times the night before so I was exhausted. We took a nap together early and when I woke up I decided to quit being negative and that's when I went out to try the stroller fitness class.

Of course that completely changed my attitude around. It was a nice reminder that 99% of the time we always have the ability to change how we view and respond to hiccups in our day.


I spent about an hour cleaning yesterday so I won't have to worry about anything this weekend. We might take baby out for another hike tomorrow, and I plan to watch the entire season 2 of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. I've only had time to watch 2 episodes this week and freaking loved them.

What are you up to this weekend? Favorite show on netflix right now? I'll need something new after this weekend!