Gaiam TV

Last month Gaiam TV contacted me to see if I would be interested in reviewing their online video channel. I've been familiar with Gaiam for years now and have always loved their products and workouts so I jumped at the chance! has over 2,000 titles (and they are always adding more!) that range in focus from meditation and yoga to hardcore Jillian Michaels workouts. Some of the top instructors in the fitness industry can be found on Gaiam like Rodney Yee, Seane Corn, Mari Winsor, Kathryn Budig and, of course, my girl Jillian. They also have documentaries, inspirational films and videos pertaining to physical health. During the month I logged on about once a week, usually when I was craving some stress relief that my more 'hardcore' workouts couldn't provide. My absolute favorite video was Yoga for Stress Reduction with Hala Khouri.

 Hala was an absolute pleasure to watch and listen to. Her cues were clear and explicit and I can honestly say it was the most relaxing workout I've tried. Her video really focused on your breathing and working the body out so that your emotions could be released with the physical tension. It was a very cathartic experience!

I think the most surprising thing about GaiamTV to me was their inclusion of so many Jillian Michaels DVD's. If you couldn't tell - I love her. When I first started working out and losing weight her DVD's had a lot to do with it. They kept me motivated, challenged, and I can still rely on her to give me a good butt-kicking! Some of the Jillian Michales titles available on GaiamTV are:

  • Ripped in 30
  • Killer Abs
  • Kickbox Fast Fix
  • Killer Buns and Thighs
  • Extreme Shed and Shred

For access to just those titles alone I'd say the subscription price of $9.95 a month is worth it. I own each of those DVD's and spent probably $60 on them. If you were ever interested in trying one of those DVD's I'd suggest you get a subscription to GaiamTV instead so you can have access to those (and the 2,000 other titles) for the same price as one DVD! GaiamTV also offers a free 10-day Trial so you can see for yourself how incredible the workouts are.

Gaiam was also kind enough to let me pick out a yoga mat to use with all my GaiamTV subscription. I went with the 5mm sticky mat since I prefer a decent amount of cushion when I'm working out.

The mat was perfectly cushioned for my needs and the 'stickyness' was great since it meant I wasn't sliding all over the place as I worked up a sweat! I've never had a 'real' yoga mat before so I'm thankful I can now pull this out and feel more centered as I practice.

If you have any questions about my experience with GaiamTV or the workouts I tried please let me know! Otherwise, check them out here and sign up for your free trial.

For more info on GaiamTV check out their F.A.Q.

Has anyone tried an online exercise subscription before? Any Gaiam DVD recommendations for me?