Gate-to-Gate Run & Datevitation Giveaway

Do you know what s'mores make better? Everything. Memorial Day

Sunday night my brother finally made it to town and the family had birthday s'mores in his honor. Monday morning Dad and I were up at 5 a.m. so I could run in the Gate-to-Gate race at Eglin Air Force Base.


The 4.4 mile course was fairly flat and boring (save for the affectionately named 'puke hill' right before the Finish line.) The highlight of the race was running past the Veterans Memorial where each runner had been given a flower to toss as we passed by. There was also a man playing bagpipes there and when I saw him under the "All gave some, some gave all" sign I definitely teared up. First time I've ever cried before a race was over! IMG_6714The strangest thing about the race was how quiet and unenthusiastic the crowd seemed to be. I assume part of it had to do with the fact that it was on a military  base and the majority of the runners were military. When running races in Pensacola there's always runners and crowds on the side cheering, laughing and just putting a lot of good energy into the air. The most I got was my Dad taking photos of me at the top of puke hill. I was halfway up and thought about walking when I saw him and heard him cheering me on. I flashed back to the days I was on the track team in middle school and got a very welcome second wind.

IMG_6702 After the race Josh, Dad and I headed over to play some Goofy Golf. Josh and I tied as losers in the game and Dad was the champion. I didn't want to say anything then but I totally threw the game on purpose trying to let the Birthday boy win. At least I earned special bragging rights for being the only person to land a hole-in-one.  Memorial Day1

This weekend I gave Dad one of his Father's Day presents. Since he reads the blog I knew I wouldn't be able to post about it without spoiling the surprise so he received his Datevitation book early. Date

Datevitation is this adorable service where you can create date/love coupon books. I actually made a few of these for my parents growing up and was bummed I couldn't find any to share with this post!


They have over 350 date ideas that you can customize to fit the recipient. I had a lot of fun picking out 'Dates' for my Dad and I! The basic books, like the one I created, start at $20 and you can use code ERICAHOUSE10 to get $10 off if you'd like to make up your own for Father's Day or some other lucky person.

Memorial Day3 Want to win your own Datevitation book? Enter the giveaway below! One winner will be selected on June 3rd. The last day to order for Father's Day is June 6th so be sure to check back on the 3rd to see if you won, and if not hop on over with the discount code!

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Disclaimer: Datevitation provided me product and compensation in exchange for my review.

What's your idea of the perfect Father-Daughter date?