Gender Stereotypes

This week in my General Psychology courses we are covering one of my favorite topics: Gender and Sexuality. Nothing like talking to a room full of people about (Mom and Dad quit reading now): orgasms, genitalia, masturbation and paraphilias/fetishes! 2013-03-06 13.49.04

Aside from the inherent awesomeness of the topics I show a lot of incredible videos. Like this one where women are 'in love' with inanimate objects (like the Eiffel tower.) We talk at length about gender stereotypes and how children are 'trained' from an early age on what appropriate male and female behavior is. I like to draw a box on the board and ask them to tell me all the characteristics a woman 'should' have: kind, nurturing, patient, timid, humble,... and I put those inside the box.

Then, I'll ask them what do we call women who don't display those traits. At first they hesitate, then the adjectives start flowing: butch, slut, whore, ... you get the point.

As I prepared for the lecture I came across this hysterical video on Reverse Gender Stereotypes at the Gym. I cried laughing because they are just so true.

How many of you are guilty of displaying one of those stereotypical behaviors? I know I've probably engaged in every female one they showed!

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