Gluten Free Vegetarian Lasagna

Is actually way better than you would think! Mom and I have a tradition of watching Christmas in July on QVC and getting a jump start on Christmas mania. Matt and I drove over to Fort Walton Beach for the day yesterday to hang out with the parents, do some free laundry, and generally revel in the laziness that is the weekend.

We also had fun trying out the new camera!

Mom pulled out my baby book and some old school stuff to show Matt. He was a good sport and pretended to be interested ;) My favorite was this old Christmas letter I wrote Santa. I never got the 3 dogs I requested.

After some reminiscing we had an amazing lunch. Mom wanted to try out a new recipe for Christmas to see how well it would work. Every Christmas we have lasagna instead of the traditional ham or other meat. Since I'm a vegetarian and my dad has Celiac's she had to come up with a way to appease the family without cooking 4 different lasagnas. Hence, vegetarian gluten free lasagna was born. It was *so* delicious! She basically used sliced portobellos for the 'meat' and used gluten free noodles. We all had seconds.

After dinner the boys had dessert. I never realized how low calorie Sherbet is!

We're off to the Beach! Trying out a new recipe tonight...I think it's going to be a major hit and I can't wait to share it!