Good Enough vs. Perfect; My Wedding (and Life) Philosophy

I bought my wedding bouquet yesterday. Most of it anyway. I'd like to find some pretty beads and ribbon to add to the bunch but otherwise I'm pretty much done. The whole thing cost me $21. BouquetI mentioned in my engagement post that I've never been obsessed with the idea of my wedding. I never had a 'dream dress', I never though about color schemes, and the only conclusions I ever had on the subject were that I wanted a small, intimate ceremony.

I have a bit of an obsessive personality (this comes as the understatement of the year for those who know me well.) While I've never consciously looked for perfection in any area of my life I can get caught up in trying to be the best and do the best. I hold ridiculously high standards for myself and normally that's a good thing. However, I've learned over the years that it's often beneficial to not hold other people, or situations (like a wedding) to those same standards.

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I ordered my wedding dress online yesterday. I went into one store in town between classes on Monday and immediately knew I didn't want to deal with the hassle of going to multiple places, trying on dozens of gowns, and always wondering if there might be something better just at the next stop.

So, thanks to Shannyns post on Dressilyme I found a gorgeous dress that I was able to get custom fit to my measurements that will be expedited and shipped to me from China within the month for $277. Could I have found something better? I'm sure. Is it going to be good enough? Absolutely.

There are so many other things going on in my life right now I have no desire to obsess over typical wedding details. It's also important to Travis and I that we stay within a pretty tight budget of $1500. I think that is more than sufficient for my dream wedding! We signed the contract on the venue this week, and the only thing we have left to pay for is the photographer. So far we are coming in under budget.

As people have asked me about my wedding plans virtually everyone who has been married for some time tells me that they wish they hadn't spent as much time and money on their wedding. Not one person I spoke to said they regretted having a small, affordable, ceremony. I'm far more excited about what's going to happen after the wedding. I think Travis and I have spent more time talking about finances and investments than we have the wedding day. Army CoupleI don't expect our marriage, life, or kids to be perfect. I want things to be good enough. So long as we stay pretty healthy, live above the poverty line, and make some fun memories along the way I will be quite happy. I just want to feel content. I will always try to better who I am, but I'm grateful I'm finally able to realize that good enough is good enough.

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What areas of your life do you struggle with being 'perfect' in?  Do you think 'good enough' is the same as settling?