Good News x3

Didn't I say just Tuesday that I had a feeling amazing things were about to start happening in my life? Well, now I can start sharing some of my great news! First up, check out the incredible Island I'll be visiting off the coast of Georgia in two weeks!


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I have been dreaming of going to Cumberland Island for years, literally. I remember working in advising and planning a fake vacation there when I should have been working. I'm so excited I'm finally going and I can't wait to spend a day exploring the island! I'll be there as part of a larger trip to see my  brother in Gainesville. He's been a student there at UF for a few years and will be graduating this December. This is probably the only chance I'll have to get down there and see the city before he leaves and I convinced him to spend a day on the Island with me. Any recommendations for what to see/do in Gainesville would be appreciated!

Next up - Breaks State Park!

Breaks State Park 1

Located smack dab in the middle of the border between Kentucky and Virginia this state park spans 4600 acres and is billed as the  'Grand Canyon' of the South. I was invited to visit the park a few weeks ago and will be spending a week there in late July. I'm such an avid camper and backpacker that I said 'yes' immediately! They also have a water park and tons of other activities there so I'm looking forward to tons of summertime fun. Has anyone been to the park before?

Breaks State Park

Finally, I am so proud to announce that I am now an ambassador for Royal  Hawaiian Orchards!


This is the first brand I've agreed to represent and it was a no-brainer once I did some research into their business practices (and tasted their products!) Royal Hawaiian products are non-GMO, gluten free and Kosher. They rely almost exclusively on rainfall for irrigation and recycle and reuse almost every part of the nut to fuel their next batch of home-grown macadamias. When I saw the other ambassadors I couldn't believe I'd be included in such an amazing group! I mean, little old me is surrounded by Olympic Gold Medalists, Professional Triathletes and X-Games medalists. Crazy!

RH2Another perk? I get to share the love with you guys :) Until April 30th you can use the code 'Erica' to get 25% off your order. Everything I've tried so far has been incredible but the basic Sea Salt macadamias were gone in about 2 days.

RoyalHawaiian_Facebook_Erica (1)

What's the last bit of good news you've received?