Goodbye Roaring Twenties

By the time you read this I will be 30 years old. There's a 50% chance I spent the night crying softly into my pillow.

Actually, I am so done with my 20's that I'm totally embracing my 30's. Although if someone refers to it as 'dirty 30' today they will get punched in the face.

This week I spent some time thinking back to all the incredible experiences I've had.

I've had a lot of fun jobs. I worked in two different tanning salons, a video rental store, a cat clinic, as the secretary at a unitarian universalist church, at UWF as a graduate assistant, at PSC as a career counselor/adjunct and now as a clinical research coordinator and freelance writer.

I've lived in some incredible places. Here's a picture of my bedroom in my very first apartment. I ended up dating a goth kid for a few years so hopefully that explains the decor.

where it started

I lived in this incredible Victorian mansion for a year. It was 3000 sq ft and had a sauna in the back yard. It came fully furnished and was in the heart of downtown Pensacola. It's probably the nicest house I'll ever live in.



Now, I'm cozy in my little 490 sq ft studio


I've taken amazing trips. Skiing in Colorado for Valentines Day, California to help my grandmother clear out her mothers apartment after she passed, a long weekend exploring NYC, meeting the ex's parents in New Mexico, speaking at Fitbloggin in Portland, numerous New Orleans trips, a week in a cabin in KY with my Dad and one of my dream vacations came true this year: Cumberland Island.



I've had my fair share of romance, and single cat-ladyness. I've dated ... maybe 30 guys in my 20's? Most just casually, a few long-term, a few heart-breaks. Everything from unemployed musicians, college students and construction workers to doctors, lawyers, professors.


I've learned, a lot. From 2007-2011 I finished my Associates, Bachelors and Masters degrees in Psychology. After that I started to pursue a second Masters in Criminal Justice after watching to many episodes of Criminal Minds. I went on a health binge in 2011 and became a certified personal trainer and intuitive eating counselor. If given the chance I'd still be in school now.

I've made some bad decisions. Don't ever put an engagement ring in your name - I don't care how bad his credit is (yes, I was engaged for a month when I was 21!) Don't ever date a guy who is not legally divorced - I don't care how 'separated' he is. Don't ever date a lawyer - the stereotypes are all true.

I've made some great decisions. Stopping smoking, becoming a vegetarian, quitting tanning and adopting my 4 fur babies (Mercedes and Prince, Salems Brother, are in kitty heaven now and Big Sexy stayed behind at the parentals.)


Prince and I

I've tried on a lot of looks. I gained a lot of weight, lost it all, and my hair developed multiple personality disorder.

Weight loss


I'm ready for what's next.

Last year I got to celebrate my birthday by getting dumped (great timing jerk.) Here's to 30 being better than 29, and another 10 years of living the hell out of life.


Forget to get me a present? That's okay - you can donate to my GoFundMe page where I'm raising money for the Pensacola Humane Society with my first marathon!