Graduation Ball at Fort Rucker


I had a blast at my first military ball! Travis and I took the obligatory high school prom photos outside of our house before heading to the ball. I am so happy I was able to find such a perfect dress last minute and at 35 weeks pregnant. I really hope it still fits post-pregnancy so I can get a few more uses out of it! Ball2

I spaced and didn't think to get a photo of the back but it was slightly low cut in the back with fabric draping down.  Ball1

I was paranoid I'd trip and fall wearing heels but I found a silver pair with pretty short heels that worked out well. High enough that my dress didn't drag on the ground, and low enough I didn't feel like I was stumbling around like a drunk sorority girl all night. IMG_9489

I didn't take any photos while at the ball but it was all pretty standard military protocol. When we first arrived everyone was hanging out having drinks and talking, and we had to line up to shake hands with some high ranking guy. They announced our names to him, we walked (wife first!) to shake his hand and make small talk.

After that we sat down and they presented the colors, introduced a guest speaker, and showed a slide show each of the different classes put together. Then, it was time to eat! I was thrilled when Travis told me they had a vegetarian option when he bought the tickets. We had a small salad to start, the main course (vegetarian lasagna for me) and delicious cheesecake.

After dinner the program had a "PHT ceremony" listed on it. The wives were asked to come up front with their husbands in groups of five, to be presented with their own graduation certificate and set of wings. The "push honey through" ceremony recognizes that families play a large part in supporting the soldier while in school. After they hand out certificates, the guys present the wives with a wings necklace, and then seal it with a kiss.

All of the guys buy the same simple silver wings necklace, but Travis found this vintage WW2 "sweetheart pendant" on Etsy. They were sold on posts/bases in the 1940's for soldiers to buy their girlfriends back home. The wings are in the center of the pendant. BallAfter that they retired the colors, and started playing music so everyone could dance. That was our signal to leave! We said our goodbyes and were home by 9 p.m.. My poor feet were so swollen by the end of the night but I had a great time!

What was the last formal event you attended?