Happiness is a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: a prediction that directly or indirectly causes itself to become true, by the very terms of the prophecy itself, due to positive feedback between belief and behavior. I've always believed in the Law of Attraction and since starting my Happiness Challenge last week I'm even more of a believer. The more time I spend thinking of how to be nice to others, and let myself be open to love and kindness in return, the more amazing things start to manifest in my life! Seriously - adorable cute amazing unexpected things like job offers and a few other things which I'm going to keep a secret just because they are so perfectly mine.

p.s. if you haven't seen or read 'The Secret' yet, you should do so.

I'll be totally truthful: I haven't been meditating every day. I don't know what it is about getting into the practice that is so difficult for me but it's always something I manage to put off all day. It's only freaking 5 minutes! I can think of a dozen times, at least, throughout the day I could stop when I'm doing to meditate (like, now!) and yet I don't. Hey - it's work in progress.

I am making it a point to try to do thoughtful/kind things as much as possible. It started when I went shopping this weekend and picked up some much needed Spring clothes. I did a little photo shoot with Salem today to show off my new dress!


When I put the clothes away I made sure to find some to donate. I probably could get rid of a lot more than just this but it's a start!

2013-03-10 16.58.26

I also asked my friends on facebook if anyone was interested in a free men's bike. That dude left it here when he moved a few months ago and I'm not sure why it took me so long to pawn it off! A friend said he was interested so he stopped by to grab it while I was teaching Monday night.....2013-03-11 14.42.06

and left this on my doorstep as a 'thank you'! How sweet is that? If I would have known I'd have scored free wine and chocolate out of the deal I would have pitched his shit months ago ;)

2013-03-11 19.49.22

I also received a totally random thank you card in the mail from one of the girls I sent a Valentine to last month!

2013-03-12 15.08.32

Are you a believer of putting good energy out in the world yet? I'll leave you with one of my favorite Happiness videos we watch in class - it always get's a few lol's from my students and I promise it will give you a nice refresher on applying happiness to your every day life!

[ted id=1344]

How is your Happiness Challenge going? What's been your favorite 'act of kindness' this week?