Sunday night I kicked off my week in the best way possible. I finally got around to watching the documentary Happy. Happy

I can't count how many people have recommended the film to me and I'm not sure why I put watching it off for so long. I cried like a baby at a few parts (if you've seen it, the woman & the school kids!) and when it was over I felt an overwhelming urge to make some positive changes.

Last year I did the '100 Days of Data' self-study where I collected data on everything I ate, did and felt to see how I could optimize my Happiness. In December, I shot this video and gave a tutorial on how to Design your own Happiness Plan.

If you couldn't tell yet - it's kind of an important topic to me! Immediately after the film I spent the rest of the night with my mind racing with possibilities on how to incorporate some of the ideas into my life. I was going to dive straight into creating a plan for myself but I hesitated.

I thought it may be nice to see if you all would like to join me!

It won't be the typical 'challenge' you see on blogs. There will be no prizes involved (aside from that whole 'loving your life' side effect). The basics of the plan I've worked out thus far:

- 30 Day Time span

- 20 to 30 minutes a day

- Can be done with absolutely no financial costs

So, if you are at all interested let me know. If I see that enough people want to join me in my never-ending quest I've got a lot of great ideas I can put together to start our Happiness Revolution!

 Edit: Since many of you have asked it is available to watch on Netflix instant and you can 'rent' it directly from their website for $2.99!