Happy Anniversary!

Matt and I went downtown last night to celebrate our 6 month anniversary. We ate at our favorite restaurant, Global Grill, and walked around Palafox for Gallery Night.

I was so happy to finally wear the other new dress I bought at Target last week! I even painted my nails pink >.<

The food was divine, as usual. My favorite was the Baked Bree (lower left) and the Gooey Chocolate Cake with basil ice cream (top left).

I couldn't decide what to get Matt. He's not very materialistic and doesn't have time for a lot of video games or movies so I decided on some wine and cheese. For a self-proclaimed cheese addict I haven't seen him buy any since we've been dating so I researched what types would go well with his favorite wine.

I think we're planning on having wine, cheese & fruit for dinner tonight!

Of course his present just BLEW mine out of the water. I had *no* idea he was going to get me this. I cried. Almost ruined my make-up before we even left the house ;)

I've been talking about getting a new camera for months now. Between this website, my etsy shop and just fanatical obsession with takeing pictures constantly my old camera was not living up to my needs. I can't wait to learn more about photography and this beautiful piece of machinery!

Happy, Happy Saturday!