Happy Birthday Dad!

To  the coolest Marathoner I know (& Worlds Greatest Dad) - Happy Birthday!

Sunday the parentals came out to spend some time in Pensacola to celebrate Dad's birthday early. Before they got here I went into full on beast-mode to compensate for the wallowing I did Saturday. By 10 a.m. I had cleaned the house, done laundry, worked out (abs & arms), wrapped his present and did my meal prep for the week!

With the marathon on Sunday I'm eating about the same as I normally would, but I will start eating a bit more carbs and probably a banana a day starting on Thursday. My menu for the week:

Breakfast: Egg white oats with flaxseed & chocolate Amazing Grass

Snack 1: Protein bar (I'm trying to quit eating packaged foods, but I didn't have much time to plan this menu!)

Lunch: Roasted Buddha Bowl & GF Vegan Corndog Muffins

Snack 2: Cottage cheese with pineapple

Dinner: Scrambled eggs with morningstar sausage & peach mango salsa (freaking delicious) + lemon garlic broccoli

Snack 3: Apple drowning in cinnamon & something carby (sweet potato, fiber bar, etc...)

2013-11-03 08.09.45

I didn't realize I was out of birthday wrapping paper until that morning so Dad got a christmas themed gift. Pulling all my stuff out made me super excited for the Holidays!

2013-11-03 08.32.46Just like me Dad got a new pair of running shoes for his Birthday. Let's hope his aren't defective ;)

2013-11-03 08.22.36Salem loves hanging out with his 'Grandpa'. 2013-11-03 11.14.50We went to Roly Poly and I had my usual - the spa salad. After the marathon is over (and I no longer had to worry as much about carbs) I'll be making this again for my lunch. 2013-11-03 11.38.05After lunch we went to Evermans (local health food store) and Blue Moon Antique mall. If you like Antiques and live in the area that is the best antique store ever. They are constantly getting new stuff in and it's huge. You can easily spend half a day walking around.

I was actually able to go out that day without straightening my hair thanks to low humidity. The luxury!

2013-11-03 10.46.53-1As for my foot, it's feeling better but I'm still paranoid it will flare up a few miles in. Keeping my hopes up that I can run the scheduled 7 miles on Thursday and if I can do that pain free than it is on!