Healthy Habits for Peak Performance (Physical & Emotional!)

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Sometimes I forget that I have quite a few 'special needs.'

I'm a vegetarian marathoner with Hashimotos disease.We all have issues we struggle with so I'm certainly not unique, but I know that if I'm not vigilant about taking care of myself physically and emotionally then I will suffer the consequences. Like in 2013 when I had unexplained amenorrhea for almost a full year, or when I had to bail on my first half marathon because I wasn't training properly and giving myself adequate recovery time. You'd think at the wise old age of 30 I'd be smarter about some of the stupid stuff I do to myself! Now, I know that healthy habits are essential if I want to reach my marathon and ultra marathon goals this year.

Last month I shared a tutorial for doing your own detox day at home. I adopted that mentality for this past weekend. Friday afternoon I swung by the Walgreens down the street and picked up a few of my favorite essentials for relaxing and recharging.

Walgreens EssentialsOkay, so not all of the items are essential but I've never been able to pass by Popchips without picking up a bag! Seriously, I was floored when I saw Walgreens carrying them! They had quite a few healthy snack ideas to chose from, but I wanted to go with my old stand-by.

2014-05-31 11.31.13I spent a lot of time at home this weekend trying to rest my calf that has been bothering me for about 10 days now. It was feeling better Saturday so I went out for a run in my new shoes and after I got home I went straight into hydration mode. I weighed myself before and after my run and lost 1.5 pounds of water! I'm kind of addicted to pedialyte for hydrating. I usually just drink tons and tons of water, but running for 90 minutes in 90% humidity calls for something more serious. I also picked up some Potassium supplements and coconut water (high in potassium) to help muscle recovery.

IMG_7649It was so nice to be able to get all of this at one stop, and not be going to one of those giant box stores which causes me stress just thinking about going into. I actually had fun wandering around Walgreens looking for things that could help promote my health. I never would have imagined they carried my favorite tea and coconut water!

Sunday I spent some time on the elliptical and stationary bike before meeting up with a friend to do some more recovery poolside. As we were talking I realized this was the only social interaction I had all weekend and I was totally okay with that. I really felt like I just needed to disconnect from the world for a bit and get ready for the next round of marathon training that starts next month.

2014-06-01 15.37.54

The majority of my weekend was spent hanging out with this ridiculously handsome guy, watching movies, and reading. While I can't say I'm ready for the new week to start (no one ever welcomes a Monday!) I am feeling more relaxed then I have in weeks, and that's enough for me.


What do you do to take care of yourself? What's your favorite way to hydrate?