Healthy Pregnancy Snacks (that actually taste good)


This post is sponsored by Blue Diamond Almonds.

As I'm approaching my third trimester the amount of room I have to fit food in my tummy is quickly disappearing. I told Travis last week I need to start focusing on eating more high calorie, nutritious snacks. Most of my meals are vegetable based, which in the past was awesome because it meant I could eat a ton! Now, if I try to eat the same volume as I did before I'm uncomfortably full, and hungry again two hours later anyway.

I've started eating more nutrition packed snack meals throughout the day and I've been much happier! I'm not so full I can't breath (which was happening a lot a few weeks ago) and I stay full longer because I'm getting in high quality protein and healthy fats.


Most of my snack plates, or mini-meals, involve prioritizing protein and fats, and then 'indulging' in my carb and sweets cravings. I put indulging in quotes because an apple is hardly a substitute for ice cream if that's what you are really craving, but I still like turning to fruit first when I want something sweet to see if that can curb my appetite.

My favorite snacks:

  • Protein: Cheese! On this plate I had three different types of white cheese. I also love cottage cheese and hard boiled eggs.
  • Fats: Nuts and seeds are always my first choice. Avocado slices and hard boiled eggs again (because the yolk is full of great fats) are my other two favorites.
  • Carbohydrates: Tortilla chips, air popped popcorn, toast with butter or jelly, and granola bars are what I've been rotating through.
  • Sweets: all the oranges! I cannot get enough right now. Apples, grapes and bananas come in closely behind.


Blue Diamond recently came out with these two oven roasted almond flavors; sea salt and dark chocolate. Almonds are already a perfect snack because they are a great source of both healthy fats and protein, but to slow roast them and add chocolate? I'm sold. As good as the chocolate almonds are it's the sea salt almonds I can't stop eating! I love salty snacks so I can't help but grab a big handful of these whenever I pass them in the pantry.IMG_8815

I know a lot of women struggle with eating during pregnancy. Either eating too much, too little, or not enough healthy foods. Occasionally I'll get derailed and eat a bit too many processed foods or sugary snacks in a week, but I try to remember that just like our bodies are literally made up of what we eat, my son is being formed partially from the foods that I'm putting into my system. IMG_8798Eating well during pregnancy has helped to keep my weight gain in a healthy range, given me the energy I need to continue being active as much as possible, and it helps me feel better emotionally. When I eat junk, I feel like junk. There are already so many things going on to you physically and emotionally while you are pregnant that can make you feel 'blah', what you eat shouldn't be another source of negative feelings!

What is/was the hardest part of eating healthy for you while pregnant? How often do you snack?