Healthy Tips & Veggie Tofu Salad from All You Magazine

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I used to be a competitive couponer. I actually purchased a 5 shelf cabinet to put in my old bedroom to hold the ridiculous amount of stuff I would get for free when I was deep in the seedy world of free razors and ridiculously cheap food.

That was the first time I heard about All You magazine since it was coveted for it's high value coupons. Now, I still enjoy the magazine but for an entirely different reason - it's focus on realistic and approachable health advice. I stopped reading most magazines years ago because they screwed with my self-esteem. I love All You because you don't see underfed models, unrealistic diet advice or articles touting things to buy that would cost me my entire paycheck!

All YouBefore my trip to Portland last weekend I swung by Winn-Dixie to stock up on snacks for the plane and to pick up this magazine to keep me company on the flight. Did you know Winn-Dixie has a great organic foods section? Loves it!

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Almost immediately after opening the magazine I started to get a ton of ideas for ways to eat healthy, workout and save money. Legitimate ideas that I've actually started to implement already! They had an article full of advice to help you eat healthy like food prepping, low calorie add-ins to make water more fun and protein packed snacks. There was a 5 page spread on the basics of yoga and a routine you can do at home. I also loved all of their ideas they gave on how to boost your metabolism.

Can you believe I've never tried red pepper and hummus until they suggested it? Hello amazing 100 calorie snack!


I bookmarked a few recipes to make like the maple pecan quinoa bowl (only 300 calories) an incredible spinach salad and the grilled Peanut Butter S'mores will be happening the next time we BBQ! I also found a Veggie Tofu Salad that I knew I needed to make immediately. I overindulged just a bit on Vacation last week and am craving loads of fresh veggies this week. I tweaked the recipe a bit to make it even healthier!

Veggie Tofu Salad - inspired by All You Magazine.



- 4 zucchini's peeled with a julianne peeler (I used these in place of rice noodles)

- 1 package of extra firm tofu, drained

- 3 carrots, shredded

- 1 Red bell pepper, seeded and thinly sliced

- 8 scallions thinly sliced

- 1 cup thinly sliced snow peas, 1 8 oz can of water chestnuts drained (I omitted both of these as I'm not a fan!)

- 2 T. sesame seeds

For the tofu marinade/salad dressing:

- 1/2 cup low sodium soy sauce

- 1 T. rice vinegar

- 1 tsp. seasme oil

- 2 tsp. sugar

- 1 T. chopped fresh ginger

- 1 clove garlic

- 1 tsp hot chili sauce


- Press tofu to drain all excess water. Cut into 1" cubes.

- In a large shallow bowl whisk together soy sauce, rice vinegar, sesame oil, sugar, ginger, garlic and chili sauce. Toss tofu in and marinate for 15 minutes covered in the fridge.

- You can eat the zucchini noodles raw, or I like to put them in the microwave for a few minutes to soften them up a bit.

- Combine noodles, carrots, bell pepper, scallions, and marinated tofu (with the excess sauce!). Top with sesame seeds.


I bet you didn't expect All You to be so health focused! I know I didn't but am so happy I was able to pick up this copy. I will definitely be looking out for the next issue in the store.

Best of all the coupons in the magazine made it pay for itself! There are $30+ worth of coupons in the magazine and I'll honestly use $3.50 of them (they had some for Tazo tea and Rimmerl eyeliner!) This means I made .51 cents by purchasing it. Score!

Have you ever read All You Magazine?