Here Comes the Rain Again

Or at least a leaky roof.

Our lovely house is so old that there is virtually zero climate control. This means that during the hottest part of the summer (right now to mid-September) the house will not get below 80 degrees. No matter how low we set the thermostat. We can't even cook with the oven because the house will get over 80 degrees in a matter of minutes. In an effort to keep the portions of the house we spend the most time in cool (the dining room/office and bedroom) we closed off the vent in the living room. For the last few weeks the only time I've spent in there is to work out, briefly.

This morning I went in there to eat breakfast and saw that the roof, just above the fan, was leaking. The sofa and carpet were both soaked.

Matt hypothesized that the leak was due to a  build up in condensation from leaving the AC vent closed. I opened it up and within an hour the leak has stopped. Salem and I are unimpressed.

The only saving grace to this morning:

Matt picked this up at Target yesterday. It is delicious! Sweet but not overpowering and my whole house smells like Strawberries!