This is where I tell you about my Weekend

I'm to tired to think of a clever title. I don't know why as I did virtually nothing most of the weekend.

Saturday morning started off rocky with a roach sighting on my ceiling at 4:40 a.m. as I was getting ready to head out for my group long run. Thanks to my awesome 14 ft vaulted ceilings I had to throw my hat at him to get him down (worked on the first try!) He landed on my couch and slid in between the cushions.

You know what, it's making me want to throw up in my mouth just thinking about it so I'm ending the story there.

The long run didn't go much better for me. About 5 miles into it (did 13 total) I had to break off from the group for the first time ever for an emergency bathroom situation. I also felt like my knee wasn't going to stand up to the bigger hills we had on the rest of our route so I back-tracked the way we came, stopping at the first port-a-potty I came across. Hey, at least I did the miles.

2013-09-14 09.10.57

The highlight of the run was definitely trying out the Honey Stingers for the first time - they taste incredible! I love that they are organic. We received our training plan for the next month. I'm scheduled to run 188 miles in the next four weeks.

My brain still can't process that.

When I got home I skipped my usual post long-run coma on the couch and did a manic deep clean of my studio thanks to the bug sighting earlier. I finally showered and headed out to do some shopping. Michaels had this out which made me go into a fit of Halloween mania.

2013-09-14 14.38.15

I then hit up Target for a few things and grabbed the worlds greatest fast food to tide my hunger over since I was headed into Publix next (and the worst thing you can ever do is go into a grocery store while hungry.) 2013-09-14 15.06.41I made my long run splurge more of a financial one then a caloric one this week. I'm trying to be as frugal as possible and only buy things I really need - which doesn't include sushi 2x a week. Or Artic Zero when I eat the whole pint in one sitting. Which is every time I buy it.

2013-09-14 15.55.49Sunday I did nothing but eat and watch Netflix until about 2 p.m. I literally could not stop stuffing my face. I am so okay with that. I finally had to get dress to go to Publix again to pick up groceries for the week. I am stoked over my meals!

IMG_7102I think I'll be doing a whole post on what a day of food looks like for me now so I won't go into all the details, but I'm most excited about the random recipe idea I had that actually turned out: corndog muffins that are gluten free and vegan!

Finally, I had a mini photo shoot with this handsome fella.

2013-09-15 14.26.03

2013-09-15 14.26.54-2

It's still 90 degrees here and we're over halfway thru September. I'm dreaming of sweaters, Pumpkin pie and snow. I've been wanting to get to NYC during the Holiday's for years but I think I may switch it to Chicago to see a few friends up there soon.

Where would you like to go this Fall?