Hiking Cheaha State Park

I've always loved the outdoors.

I mean - how many other 14 year old girls would think spending a week backpacking in the woods for Spring Break would be an awesome time? Despite the look on my face in this photo I genuinely loved being up in the mountains.


Dad and I spent two Spring Breaks hiking around Cheaha when I was in middle school. The first year I had an unfortunate run-in with self-tanner a few days before we left. That, combined with some epic blue streaks in my hair, provoked a few people to call me Oompa Loompa. I tried to look for the one photo I have of the catastrophe but couldn't find it.


I love how I am far to cool to be taking photographs in all of these photos. I guess Dad set up the self-timer to snap this one.


I mentioned on here months ago that I went through a phase where I wore this kermit the frog shirt under a sweater every day for a month in middle school. I was so stoked to find a photo of me actually wearing it.


Since I'm a little old lady now and my memories are starting to fade I don't remember a lot of details about the trip. There was a small two-seater airplane that crashed into the side of the mountain decades ago that we came across while hiking. It was just a shell of the plane, rusted over after being outside for years, but pretty amazing to stumble upon.

I remember playing a lot of solitare. I'm not sure how fare we hiked each day but I doubt it was more than a few hours which left a lot of time to just sit around the campsite. I love backpacking because you can really get away from the populated areas. I haven't gone since this time in Cheaha!


I'll also never forget that this was the time I learned turkeys can fly. I mean, how often do you picture turkeys flying around in the woods? Never.

I was sitting around on a cliff, much like in this photo, minding my own business when a turkey flew directly in front of me almost scaring me off the side of the mountain.


This moment of streetwalking down memory lane was inspired by the trip I'll be making with my Dad next week to Breaks Interstate Park. I have been so busy with my new job that I didn't realize it was already time to start packing. While I had a blast in Portland for Fitbloggin last month it definitely didn't feel like a vacation. I am so ready to have a few days with nothing to do. I plan to hike, keep up my training runs, read a ton and generally rest up because when I get back life is about to go a mile a minute. The Fall term will be starting mid-August, I've got a very special trip planned for Labor Day weekend and I'm ready to start working on some new projects for the blog.

The year is barely half over and I feel like everything is about to change.

What are your goals for the rest of 2013?