Hiking in Ozark, AL

I get far too excited over some things. Like Cadbury cream eggs.

Seeing two of my cats cuddling.

Finding a new nature trail.

This weekend Travis and I spent the day out together on Saturday. We started with lunch at Zaxby's (I just wanted some fries and part of his birthday cake milkshake) and headed over to a nature park in Ozark, AL.


We both loved it! The trail was about 3 miles long and there were a lot of people out at the lake fishing, having BBQ birthday parties, and feeding ducks.


There were a few boardwalks to cross over, and the trail was a mix of paved trail and rugged. It was billed as a nature walk/birding trail and we definitely saw a ton of birds!



Sunday we did the usual BBQ. This photo is pretty much identical to all the other weekend BBQ photos I've shared on here. Deduct points for non-creativity.


Brothers. 6weekend5After a month of dreary weather it was so nice to have a perfect weekend, but there is rain on the forecast for every day this week. Boo hiss. I'm definitely going stir crazy. When I moved up  here over Thanksgiving weekend we knew it was only a matter of time before he found out when he was going to be stationed somewhere else. I had a 3 week yoga training on the schedule for January/February so I didn't want to start a new job before that. Well, right after I got back from training we found out we will be moving in about 6 months. So, I still applied for about 20-30 jobs in late February early March but didn't hear back from a single one.

It's not a great area to job search at. I'm sure I'm not the only military spouse looking for a job in the area, not to mention all the locals, and I was applying for jobs totally out of my field (psychology.) I didn't care what the pay was, I just wanted out of the house! Well, at this point with 5 months left here I think I'm going to focus more on just trying to find some volunteer work to do. Obviously all of this was my choice and having too much free time is a wonderful problem to have, but I miss being busy! I miss teaching. I miss feeling productive.

At least I've got my cats to keep me company. And netflix.

What have you done with extended periods of time off? 

How was your weekend?