Holiday Gift Guide

It can be difficult picking out the perfect gift for the health nut in your life. Sometimes, you come up with a great idea but realize it may come across as though your trying to hint that they need to lose some weight. Or, they may be an avid runner and you avoid fast movement like the plague so you have no clue what they may want. Never fear! Most of the gifts can be given under the guise of general health/wellness and should not come across as offensive (results not guaranteed!) I've picked out my very favorite, and affordable, gifts for foodies, health nuts & runners.

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1. Jillian Michaels Six Week Six Pack (or any of her DVD's really). This is by far the best ab workout I've ever done, and who doesn't want to work on tightening up that area more? Check out all my other favorite DVD's here.

2. The FitBook. I'm a total nerd when it comes to data and tracking everything I eat, think, wear and burn (which I suddenly realize makes me sound totally insane.) This fitness tracker is the perfect tool for anyone trying to achieve their New Years Goals and will help motivate and keep them accountable.

3. Subscription to Oxygen Magazine. To be honest, a lot of the women's 'fitness' magazines piss me off. I won't name specific ones, but if you see a magazine advertising ways to 'lose 5 pounds in 3 days'  - run away. Oxygen magazine is one of the top rates women's magazines on Amazon and for good reason; it offers sound, practical health advice.

4. Polar Heart Rate Monitor. I think this is the only thing on my lists I don't actually own. I have a heart rate monitor now but ... I don't love it. I've had my eye on this one for months now and it's one of the top rated female heart rate monitors (that's actually affordable!)

5. Withings Wi-Fi Body Fat Scale. I received a Withings Scale to review a few weeks ago and have fallen in love with it. I use it every morning and it automatically sends my weight, body fat % and BMI to my phone (you can also check the data online). Weight can fluctuate SO much so body fat is a better way to gauge overall health and this is one fitness tool the entire family could benefit from.

1. Touchscreen Gloves. Imagine finally getting the motivation up to go run outside on a freezing cold morning only to have to take your gloves off every time you need to check your distance or running time on your phone. It would suck, a lot. I'm convinced these gloves are one of the greatest inventions this decade.

2. Handheld Bottle Carrier. I never run without bringing water to drink and I hate keeping my keys in the little built-in pockets of most workout clothes. This bottle is great since it has a small pocket you can keep use to keep cash in or emergency lipgloss (yes, I have emergency lipgloss stashed in 12 different places).

3. Thorlos Padded Socks. These socks changed my life. My Dad bought them for me a few weeks after I started running in these terrible shoes I'd had since high school and these made such a huge difference in my comfort level. I've worn them on every single run since I got them 4 months ago and the padding hasn't worn down at all. That's quality!

4. Asics headband Ear Warmer. I don't care how well insulated my lower body is, if it's below 50 degrees out I have to keep my head warm. Bonus: When I'm finally warmed up halfway through my run I take this off, wrap it around my wrist and use it as a sweat band.

5. iPhone Armband. I can't imagine running without my phone. I use RunKeeper to track every run and I like to keep my phone on me for safety reasons. I purchased it based off of the rave reviews and it does its job perfectly!

1. Simply Organic Herbs. Never underestimate the power of quality herbs. Years ago I started replacing all of my cheap-o brand herbs with Simply Organic and other 'top shelf' herbs and it has made a HUGE difference in the taste of my dishes. I tried to find a set of Simply Organic to buy on Amazon but they only sell them in singles. If the Foodie in your life hasn't built-up their spice collection yet this would be perfect. Maybe not the most exciting gift, but picking up a few as stocking stuffers would be such a cute idea!

2. Yogi Teas. Another perfect stocking stuffer! I've tried countless brands of tea and Yogi is the only one that I consistently love. They have teas geared specifically toward stress relief that I frequently recommend to others (particularly the Kava). I start each day off with a cup of Revitalizing Mint.

3. Subscription to Vegetarian Times. If the Foodie you love isn't a Vegetarian there are many other options (Food  Network magazine is Wonderful!)

4. Miracle Blade Knife Set. My brother bought a set of these for my ex in 2005. They've lasted 7 years (the ex lasted 3). The are only $20 and they are still sharp to this day and I've never had to sharpen them. You can buy them with a wooden holder for $50 (which is what I have and would recommend) but if your strapped for cash I can't think of a better gift for $20!

5. Peanut Butter & Co The Bee's Knees. Just because. It's sweet, it's rich, and I eat it straight out of the jar as a dessert on a nightly basis. Don't judge.

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See any of your favorites on this list? What are you getting your health nut this Christmas?